Tried of looking for ways to remove decals from your car? No amount of scratching helps! It can be downright irritating if it takes just too long to get those decals and stickers removed.

You will find a variety of chemical products in the market that claim to remove decals but not all are reliable because some of them will not only remove the decals but also damage the paint of your car, and you will have to get it repainted.

Applying heat is a good way to remove decals; however this method doesn’t work on all types of decals or stickers. Furthermore, this method doesn’t remove all of it.

You may use a heat gun to apply heat on the area, and if you don’t have one you may use a hair dryer on high setting. But, this will leave residue on the car surface, and you would need a chemical to get rid of that.

Spare yourself the trouble, and choose the fastest way to remove decals from cars, without damaging the surface or car paint in any way. Try the Wonder Wheel! This incredible chemical-free formula works gently on the surface of your car and removes decals in just 15 minutes.

Do you find it difficult to believe? Well, most of the satisfied customers of the Wonder products react the same way until they see the results in front of them.

The Wonder Wheel is undoubtedly the fastest way to get rid of large decals or vinyl signs. For the heavy duty jobs where the traditional methods don’t work, you may use the Wonder Blade to remove decals, stickers, and vinyl signs.

As the Wonder Wheel is made of rubber and the Wonder Blade from plastic, these products are safe to use on all types of surfaces.

With the Wonder products, you can remove large decals, stickers and vinyl signs from cars within minutes, without damaging the paint!

P.S – I checked out what wikipedia had to say about decal removal, though the site was not any help

Decal car remove

Car with alot of Decals to remove