What’s the best way to remove decals from glass?

So, your kids put cute Santa decals on your glass windows last Christmas; or a previous tenant left a huge sticker of their football team on the glass, and now you want to just remove decals from the glass window .

Taking off large decals that have been baked in the sun can be a very daunting task. Pulling it off is not going to work because underneath the decals there’s a muddle of adhesive residue that cannot be removed with regular washing.

You may use chemicals to remove the glue or try peeling it off with your finger nails, but this will only stain the glass and make it look unsightly. The chemicals might also cause skin reactions and is thus not safe for use.

Traditional ways to remove decals from Glass windows

Other traditional methods to remove decals from glass include using heat gun, metal blades, hair dryer, and other home-based tools but this may also badly damage the glass surface.

Don’t panic! You will be surprised to know that it’s actually very easy to remove decals from glass windows and it can be done within minutes. All you need is a little ‘Wonder’!

The Wonder Wheel and Wonder Blade are incredibly effective products used for removing large decals, vinyl sign, and stickers within minutes.

No mess, no scratching or waiting for days for the glue to come off. To remove decals from delicate glass windows, consider using Wonder blade which is made of plastic and is safe on all surfaces.

The other option to remove decals from Glass windows – the Wonder Blade

The wonder blade is also free of chemicals, which mean that using it will not cause any skin irritations.

Besides removing decals and stickers, you may also use the Wonder blade to remove dried gums, goo, bird, insects and bugs poo on the glass windows.

You can allow your kids to put up snowflakes or Santa decals on windows again this year and enjoy Christmas with full glory. You can leave the cleaning to Wonder Blade!

The below video shows how the Wonder Wheel will remove decals from glass windows removing a sticker from a sign which would work very similarly on removing a decal or sticker from a glass window

Remove decals from glass window

Remove decal or vinyl from glass window