Need to remove my family stickers?

One of the latest crazes to hit the world are the “My Family” decals and stickers that go on the rear window of autos. You can buy My family stickers in gift shops or on line and it is a very cute idea.  They are about four inches high (except the children are half as high and the dogs, cats, pets  about one inch high. They are all the members of a family, Mums, Dads, boys girls and pets. They are all in many styles, for example Dad in a fishing outfit with rod, or playing baseball or in his casual weekend clothes, there are dozens of choices, the same for Mum in many outfits, she can be what she wants and there are different size boys and girls and even babies and then pets too.

Time to remove My family stickers – when selling your car

They are great fun but when it comes time to sell the car or an addition to the family or the kids want different one you will need to remove My Family stickers, and quickest and the best way is with the Wonder Wheel, clean, quick and very easy. (But take care you don’t damage the wires for the electric rear window heater). The wonder Wheel will take less than one minute to remove a character.

remove my family stickers

We have also included a video demonstration showing how to remove my family stickers

**** updated 2 years on – 25 August 2014 *****

It seems that the family sticker fade has died a slow death and the number of cars around Sydney that still have them has not increased. What I have found interesting is that I have not received 1 email, call or enquiry to find out the best way to remove these family car stickers.

My assumption here is either

  1. The family car stickers are not being removed
  2. People are finding easy ways to remove them
  3. People have ordered the Whizzy Wheel to successfully remove the family car stickers 

From our experience in removing car stickers, if the sticker is relatively new (i.e. under 12 months), then removing the sticker is fairly easy.

In the situations where the sticker is relatively new and hasn’t been backed on, two of the cheapest options available and likely to work are:

  1. Hair Dryer
  2. Plastic Scraper


  1. Hair Dryer/ Heat gun for sticker removal

The sticker removal process of your family sticker is fairly straight forward when using a hair dryer. The steps to follow are:

  1. Find a hair dryer (let your partner know first….!)
  2. Turn on hair dryer and slowly heat up the sticker by moving the hair dryer back and forth across the sticker
  3. Once the sticker heats up, slowly peel the sticker away


  1. Plastic scraper to remove stickers

The plastic scraper is great if you can find one with a sharp/ angled blade. You need this to be able to get under the lip of the sticker (Note: often the cheaper plastic scraper’s don’t have a sharp blade edge so don’t work very well.

  1. Find a plastic scraper with a sharp edge
  2. Using the plastic blade edge, get under the sticker and slowly push forward to remove the sticker

From experience, we find the hair dryer works quite well on removing the family stickers, whereas plastic scraper is best for flatter surfaces such as shop windows, rather than car windows that can be curved

That said, if you can afford $39 (plus shipping), then the Whizzy Wheel is definitely the fastest way to remove the family car stickers. We maybe bias, though the Whizzy Wheel is the fastest and best decal sticker removal tool on the market (and we can back that up after having 20+ years removing decals and stickers and selling thousands of Whizzy Wheels)

Bonus tip: when a sticker has been removed, generally there is adhesive or goo left on the surface. This needs to be cleaned to:

–          Allow a new sticker or decal to be installed (if you want to add a new sticker)

–          Ensure the surface does not attract dirt and dust and look messy

The best value for money product to remove this adhesive that can be left on the surface is  citrus degreaser. It’s available from Home Depot or similar hardware stores as does a fantastic job

Peter Nobbs

P.S – we love helping people remove all kinds of stickers and decals, so if you have a situation that needs some expert sticker or decal removal advice, or need to work out the best sticker removal tool, then feel free to drop us a line at or 00 11 61 421 001 613 (or 0421 001 613 if in Australia)

P.P.S – and yes, we delivery worldwide. The majority of our customers are based in the USA or Canada and been helping them remove stickers all year round