So, you drive home a brand new car and you love everything about it, except one. The shining and gorgeous car exterior has dealership stickers on it, and that really puts you off. Well, relax! Almost every dealership does that today. They put a sticker on the body of the car, especially at a place that people can easily notice.

And, the reason is obvious. The stickers are a way of free promotion and advertisement. You will be driving around the city and outside with the dealership sticker on and that means real good promotion for the company.

While the decals and stickers might be a great way for the dealers to gain visibility, it is a nuisance for you and several other car buyers like you who just don’t want a stupid sticker spoiling the beauty of the car.

The question is – how can you remove the dealership sticker from your car without damaging the paint or scratching the body of the car in any way?  If you thought peeling the sticker with your fingernail would help then let me tell you that this can aggravate the sticker and make it look ugly.

Even if you are successful in peeling of the sticker, these industrial stickers have adamant glue that sticks to the surface and you would need to use a chemical to remove it. Using chemicals on a new car is not recommended as this may fade the color of the paint in that area.

You should also not use a metal spatula as this would create scratches on the body of your new car and that is definitely the last thing you want to happen to your investment. The easiest and the most intelligent way to remove decals and stickers from your car is to use the Wonder Wheel.

No chemicals, no rubbing, no peeling or washing…in just ten minutes the Wonder Wheel will remove the dealership sticker from your car and solve your problem.

No, the wonder wheel is not a magic potion, it’s the name of a specifically design tool that helps you effectively and quickly get rid of vinyls, decals and stickers from cars, trucks, buses, and boats.

So, what’s the wonder wheel all about? This tool is made of soft rubber, and this makes it easy and safe to use on all kinds of surface. The soft rubber ensures that your car doesn’t get a single scratch while using it to remove the dealership stickers. What’s more? It takes less than 10 minutes to remove the stickers and decals.

Wonder wheel is a chemical-free decal sticker remover, so there’s no fear of skin irritations or the car paint getting faded. The product is also very useful for removing old stickers that have been baked in the sun for years together.

If you have kids at home then dealerships sticker is just the beginning, you will have to deal with many more cartoon and my family stickers making their way on to your car windows, so be prepared to handle that all with the Wonder Wheel!

The below video is the Wonder Wheel removing a Car decal or sticker from the side of a truck. It would work just aswell on a car window or shop glass window.

Removing Decals Or Dealership Stickers

Removing Decals Or Dealership Stickers