For some people their car means the world to them, and they choose adorn their vehicle with beautiful decals and vinyl stickers. There are others who make their car a medium of expression and load it with several stickers containing cute or bold statements.

Thus, it is very common to see a vehicle that has been bombarded with bumper stickers or window art. Little do these car owners realize that they are creating for themselves a tough job ahead, when they need to take off the decals.

We cannot deny that some of these stickers look really cool (forget the ones that are absolutely stupid) and they add a lot of character to your vehicle. It gives a sense of deep satisfaction when people observe the window art with admiration and complement you on how stylish your car looks.

But, when the time comes to remove these stickers and decals, you start raising questions regarding your own judgment. Removing the sticky and stubborn vinyl stickers from vehicles can be a very annoying job and it makes you curse yourself for putting them up in the first place.

If this is your first attempt to try removing decals or vinyl stickers from your car then here are some important things that you must avoid doing.

Most of the times people are tempted to use their finger nails to pull out the stickers, but wait…peeling off the stickers that have strong industrial adhesive is not as easier as you think. This might only make the sticker look uglier with the mass of adhesive staring at your face. So, save your finger nails for better things to do.

You must also not attempt using any sharp object or razor to scrap off the bumper stickers as this might scratch the vehicle body or car windows and you will have an unwanted expense added to your monthly budget.

So, what’s the safest and easiest way to get rid of the stubborn decals and stickers?  Well, you can remove the unwanted stickers in the jiffy with the help of the Wonder products –Wonder Wheel and Wonder Blade.

Wonder products are chemical free and they can be used successfully to remove any kind of bumper sticker, window sticker, city sticker or factory decals on your vehicle.

The Wonder Wheel is specifically designed to remove large decals and stubborn stickers from all types of vehicles. It is made of soft rubber, and hence works safely on your car surface without producing a single scratch. With wonder wheel, you can remove vehicle stickers in a jiffy, and it is ideal for the heavy duty jobs.

The Wonder blade is another awesome tool that helps you safely remove decals and stickers from the delicate surfaces where you need to be extra careful. It has plastic blade which means that it is safe to use on almost all types of surfaces.

I’d say the Wonder products are must have for people who love their car and enjoy adorning it with decals. Go ahead and put up a new sticker on your car window, Wonder Wheel is there to take care of the rest!

The below video shows a demonstration of the Wonder Wheel being used to remove a decal (sticker) from a small truck



Decal Removal

Decal Removal