Extract from Monthly email

It’s Wednesday morning here and feeling pumped as received a great email last week from a chap in Illinios Chicago.

Doug was looking at purchasing a car for his eldest daughter, a white Honda civic as a surprise for her birthday . What a surprise birthday present!

The only problem was the Civic had a big red decal on the side door – it covered the side door, but not across the windows

Doug didn’t want to get the car with Decal (sticker) on the side as it would make the car quite “uncool” with the big red stripes down the side!

I thought the gesture of your Dad giving you a car for your birthday, was like having all your Christmas come at once. Who cares if there are red stickers down the side – it even gives it a bit of a racing feel.

Before Doug used his Wonder Wheel to remove the Decal, he sent me an email, asking how well it would work as his local car cleaning said it would cost $135 to remove the stripes.

I tried to re-assure him the Wheel works very well and costing $35, was a lot cheaper.

So the outcome was he removed the red strip decals and going to give his daughter the car this weekend.

If you need to remove a car decal or sticker, then you can order a Wonder Wheel from www.decalstickerremover.com and we include a FREE $20 Wonder Blade as a thank you.

Just order a Wonder Wheel, then email peter@pacificwebb.com.au with FREE blade in the subject line.

Look forward to hearing from you



Peter Nobbs

Chief “Decal Remover” Officer


Civic Decals and Stickers needing removal

Civic Decals and Stickers needing removal