Decal Removal required? We may save you getting a Ticket…

When Bonnie moved to Chicago this year, she thought that the city’s annual vehicle decals looked good and so she left the old ones on her car while putting up the new ones.

Everything was okay, until last week when she got a $120 ticket. Why? It was simply due to the improperly displayed decals on her vehicle.

When asked about the entire issue, Bonnie said that her 2011 decal was properly attached in the right place, i.e. the lower side corner of the windshield and she wonders why she was ticketed for the old decals, especially after she had paid for the new ones.

Well, the fact is that Ald. Richard Mell emailed the residents of Chicago recently in his 33rd Ward, and sent out a warning.

This happened after one of his constituents got a ticket for a similar infringement.

In his email, Ald. Richard Mell requested the residents of the need for decal removal of old decals and replace them with the new ones, attached in the right positions so that they don’t get caught on a technicality issue.

The need for Decal removal?

According to the city law in Chicago, motorists need to place the decals at the lower right-hand corner side, and it should be inside the glass section of the windshield of any vehicle. The law also states that the motorists should strictly follow the sticker instructions and remove the older decals before putting up the new ones (i.e decal removal of last years decal is mandatory).

People who received tickets for driving around with old decals on their vehicle said that they were told to remove decals from vehicles but they were not told that they would get a ticket if they don’t put in place decal removal.

When asked about whether or not an officer should issue tickets for not removing old decals from vehicles, the Deputy Comptroller for the Department of Finance and Revenue, Holly Stutz said that an officer may issue tickets to motorists if he feels that decals or stickers placed on the vehicle is hindering the driver’s view in any way.

The fine for infringement of the law is a $120.

According to Stutz, last year about 200,122 tickets were issued to those who either did not have annual decals displayed, or those who had not removed the improperly placed stickers.

Decal removal – avoiding the issue of over 200,000 tickets

Maria, a North Side Chicago resident said that she has five old decals on her car that she just doesn’t have the for decal removal of all 5. She said that officers should concentrate on ticketing the vehicles who are not registered or who drive rashly than picking on the good people who have forgotten to remove the old decals.

Well, this reminds me that I too need decal remvaol from my vehicle if there’s a chance that I’ll be ticketed. Thank God, it takes only few minutes to remove decals with Wonder Wheel and it’s so gentle on the surface that it causes no scratching or damage to the paint.

Most vehicle owners have a tough time of decal removal because they use traditional methods that take a lot of time. I’d suggest all vehicle owners to have a Wonder Wheel to help them take off old decals with ease.

We have provide a video of decal removal to show how easy it can be

Decal Removal - Avoid Getting Tickets

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