Well, it is true. There are companies who pay you for driving your car with their advertisements. You will find the get-paid-to-drive programs available on the Internet. There are some real people from the U.S. and Canada who are participating in these attractive programs and getting paid.

How Do The Programs Work?

There is a simple concept that works behind these get paid to drive programs. You can drive your own vehicle around the city with the company advertisements on it, and get paid for doing so. In many cases, the companies might also provide you a free vehicle to drive.

This is a win-win situation for the vehicle owners and the companies. You get paid to drive your vehicle around the city and the company also benefits because it works as an advertising media, just like taxi ads and billboards. These advertisements might promote a new type of business, a company, a new movie or a sports event.

Different Types of Ads:

If you are worried about becoming a laughing stock in your neighborhood then don’t worry. The ad is not like the pizza-delivery boxes; instead they are the attractive removable decals or paint-safe vinyl films which advertise a company’s services or products.

The advertisements might either be in the form of complete-car wraps, partial wraps or window decals. The wraps look great on SUVs, and boxy trucks and cars. The advantage of putting decals is that there are easily removable. You can use the Wonder Wheel to remove decals from vehicles without damaging the paint.

Most of the ads are attractive and designed professionally, but if you don’t like a particular ad then you may turn it down and wait for a better one. Removing decals is easy with the Wonder Wheel. Watch this YouTube video to see how you can remove decals easily.

Who Administers These Programs?

The get-paid-to-drive programs are administered by the advertising companies that are paid by clients to promote/ advertise their products and services. When agree to put on the decals on your car, you receive a fraction of the advertising fee.

There are a few factors that determine whether or not you will be accepted into the programs or get a free car. These include:

• Place where you live (metros are preferred)

• Where you drive (heavy traffic streets are best)

• Where you park your vehicle (better visibility)

Personal qualification might also be taken into consideration for this. If you drive just a few blocks in the suburb areas, or drive to school, church, or supermarket then you probably won’t qualify for this program. You must generally drive at least 1000 miles in a month.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria?

To be able to qualify in the get paid to drive programs, you must be at least 18 years of age, have a driving license, a brilliant driving record, and a clean car in good condition. You will be asked to sign an agreement stating how and where you will be driving. If you don’t live up to your deal then the agreement may be terminated.

Get Paid To Drive Decals

Get Paid To Drive Decals