If you look around, you will notice that most of the caravans have old and cracked LPG Stickers which usually spoils the look of the vehicle. Although it is easy and cheap to replace them with a new sticker to save your caravan from looking so unsightly, the real problem lies in removing the faded and adamant LPG Decals that have been there for years.

Removing decals is not easy as it sounds, and if you are considering the traditional methods to take the stickers off then be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time feeling irritated and frustrated. And, even if you manage to take off the LPG sticker, you will find the adhesive stains on the caravan which is difficult to get rid of.

Most people would consider using a heat gun or hair dryer to remove the faded decals, and though it works fine, the only problem is that it leaves an adhesive residue later on. A heat gun can be easily bought from a hardware store or supermarket.

If you were planning to use a metal blade then discard the plan because this way you will create further problems by scratching the surface, and having to repaint the caravan. Using finger nails to peel the decals or using products with sharp edges is also a strict no-no.

Plastic wonder blade is a good option, as it is chemical free and has a plastic edge so no scratch forming on the surface. However, the wonder blade is specifically designed for the smaller and delicate areas, so it might not be the best option for the caravan.

The Wonder Wheel works great and it’s the perfect tool for removing decals from just any surface without damaging the paint or forming any scratches. This awesome decals/ sticker removal tool is designed in a way to take off most of the goo, so no need to use any chemicals to remove the adhesive.

You also don’t have to use a separate drill with the wheel. The Wonder Wheel is basically a rubber wheel which comes attached with a drill to easily remove decals without damaging the surface.

All you need to do is use the rubber wheel in revolutionary spinning motion to slowly peel of the decals and the rest of the job is done by this awesome tool. It will completely remove the stickers without any reside or goo stains. Isn’t that really amazing?

People who have used this product are full of praises for it, and the biggest boon comes in the form of the time it takes to remove decals. Watch this YouTube video to see how this large decal is removed with ease from the van within just 15 minutes.

So, whether you want to remove an old faded decal to put a new one, or you have bought a used caravan that has cracked decals on it, the Wonder Wheel can help you take off the stickers faster than you thought was possible, and make your task easy!

LPG Decals Stickers on Caravan

LPG Decals Stickers on Caravan