Remove Boat Decals

Boating is one of America’s favorite leisure activities, and when you take your boat to the water, you would want to look the smartest. I have seen many boat owners use stylish decals and strips to completely transform the appearance and add more style to it. There are some really attractive decals and stripes available that you can put on the boat.

However, the real pressure comes when the boats get older and the stripes and decals become old. Cracked and peeling decals can spoil the look of your favorite boat. So, if you are planning to take your boat out to the water this year but the stickers are putting you off then here I’ll share an easy way to remove boat decals.

I have seen boat owners drastically try to peel decals using razor blades, and they end up damaging the strips and making them look uglier. Using razor blades on the decals is absolutely wrong because no matter how careful you are, it will dig into the adhesive, leaving scratch marks.

Even if you apply a new striping tape to conceal it, the marks will be visible, making your boat look terrible. Hence, it is recommended that you do not try putting new stripes or decals over the old ones, as this will again cause peeling later on.

Most boat owners get so frustrated trying to remove boat decals with razor blades or other traditional methods that they end up completely destroying the exterior of the boat, and then they have to get a painting job done to fix the problem.

In this post, I will tell you how you can safely remove boat decals and stickers on your boat without damaging the surface in any way. This method will save you considerable amount of labor, time, and money.

The inside facts to Remove Boat Decals

Removing old and cracked decals can be easily and quickly done with the use of Wonder Wheel, a specifically designed tool to remove large and stubborn decals within minutes. The biggest advantage of using Wonder Wheel is that it is made of soft rubber which ensures that the boat surface does not get damaged in any way. Even if the decals have become old and cracked, this innovative wheel helps in removing the stickers in no time.

When removing old decals, most of the times you need to use chemicals because the adhesive has been baked under sun for years together and no form of peeling or scratching helps. With Wonder Wheel, your hands are spared from having to use chemicals.

Remove Boat Decals – Make it chemical free

This chemical free product ensures that the adhesive comes out completely without any stain, and without having to use any chemicals. No skin rashes due to chemical use. Hence, this is an environmentally friendly way to remove decals from boats.

The Wonder Blade is another decal removal tool that is generally used for the small delicate jobs while the Wonder Wheel is used for heavy duty jobs. Here’s a remove boat decals hat will show you how to use the Wonder Wheel to remove decals and stripes from your boat.

Remove Boat Decals

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