Remove Decals from your car just got super easy

You love your new car, and are really excited about jazzing it up with decals and stickers, but somewhere in your mind you are scared about what happened the last time you tried to remove decals from your old vehicle before selling it off.

Many people love to tune their vehicle and transform it into their own paradise on wheels. Although there are several ways by which the appearance of the vehicle can be upgraded, using car decals is one of the most common and widely used methods.

The decals have been around for a long time, and they are used for various purposes. Some people use them as a medium to express themselves, and while others like to add personality to the vehicle.

The need to remove Decals from your Car

Companies use the decals for various promotional and advertisement purposes. That’s why you see trucks and buses bombarded with decals promoting company products and services. Dealerships also place their sticker on new cars to promote their brand.

Some years ago, buying decals was not so easy because they were too expensive. It was not possible for an average person to buy the costly decals. However, the technology has improved, and the industry has also evolved over the years, making car decals and stickers cheaper and easily available.

People now find it easy and less expensive to use car decals and stickers to transform the appearance of their vehicle. There is a wide variety of stickers and decals to choose from, which means that you can get your desired effect easily. Although an exciting task, it often becomes a real headache when trying to sell the vehicle. That’s when we get alot of enquiries on how to remove decals from your car.

The decals come in all shapes and sizes to suit vehicles of all models and makes. Some of them contain only pictures or text, while others have exciting graphics, texts, and visuals. The advanced printing capabilities have made it possible to have any type of visuals created on vinyl to achieve high quality.

The decals and stickers are self-adhesive, and this enables people to install them on vehicles with ease. It only takes a few minutes to remove the protective tape and paste the sticker on the vehicle. The industrial adhesive used on these stickers is very strong and getting rid of the sticky glue is the biggest challenge when removing decals.

The solution to remove decals from your car

But there’s no need to worry anymore. While the decals industry has come off age, methods to remove decals from your car have also improved over these years. If placing stickers on your cars scare you because of your previous experience then relax…removing stickers is now a breeze. All you need is – the wonder wheel.

The wonder wheel gives you the freedom to go ahead and adorn your cars with as many exiting decals as you please; knowing that removing them is not difficult anymore. The wonder wheel is a specifically designed tool that enables you to get rid of even the most stubborn stickers within minutes.

No more heat guns, messy acids or trying to pull the stickers with your fingers. Wonder wheel helps you take off decals and stickers in a non-messy and chemical-free way!

To make it easy for you, we have a video demonstration of how to remove decals from your car

remove decals from your car

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