Remove Decals from Car – the simplist way

For many people, buying a used car comes as an easy and cost effective solution to owning a vehicle. No wonder it saves a lot of money, and enables people to ride their dream car without having to shell out a huge amount of money. However, buying a used car has its own downsides especially if the previous owner had decorated the vehicle with decals and stickers. Usually it’s left to you to remove these decals from the car.

The problem with needing to removedecals from cars (especially used cars) is that you don’t know when the stickers were put and how long they have been there to understand the current situation. If the car had been roughly used and left under the sun for hours together then chances are these decals would be dry, cracked and very hard to remove. Alternatively, if the vehicle has been well taken care of and mostly kept in garage then it’s easier to remove decals from car and it won’t t be much of a problem.

Question from my Buddy Brad – “How to remove Decals from Car”

Last week, my friend Brad bought a 2007 black Honda Civic. Although the vehicle is in good condition and looks great, there were a lot of dealer stickers that had to be removed. He used dental floss and heat gun to remove the decals, but it left a blotchy patch on the car body. He used the same method to remove decals on the frontier, but it didn’t budge at all.

Brad was frustrated with the situation, because even after spending hours trying to remove the decals and cleaning the body of the car, he was unable to get rid of them all. Furthermore, he was afraid that trying harder would scarp off the paint and he might have to get the car repainted, adding up to the expenses. He told me about it, and I recommended the Wonder Wheel, a safe and easy way to remove car decals within minutes.

Brad used the wonder wheel to remove decals from car and also to remove the adhesive residue from the car sides. He couldn’t believe what he saw and called me up as soon as he finished removing decals successfully from the vehicle. He thanked me for telling him about the wonder wheel and also sent me pics of his car which now looks like brand new.

There are many people like Brad who buy used vehicles to save money, but end up paying a lot after its maintenance and makeover, and one important factor is removing decals. Some people take their vehicles to the local car cleaning companies that cost them over $150 to remove decals and stickers.

With wonder wheel, you can save big time and make your decision of buying a used car truly profitable. It just takes a few minutes to remove car stickers using the innovative wheel which is made from soft rubber to ensure that it does not scratch the body of the car or damage the paint. The wonder products are safe to use on almost all types of surfaces. It can be used to remove decals and stickers from used cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, buses, etc. Watch this Youtube video that shows how to remove decals from car remove using the wonder wheel.

remove decals from car

Black Honda Civic