Need to remove decals from Glass Windows? If you live in a state that has a sunny, hot, dry and desert climate like Arizona or Las Vegas or similar and you have a vehicle that has vinyl decals or stickers on it and they have been there for a few years it is quite usual that they have dried out, cracked and withered under those tough conditions.

The hardest car decals to remove are the ones where the car has been sitting out in the sun on 100+ Fahrenheit temperature days for years on end. We find after about 5+ years, most decals start to age. You can tell this by the cracks that appear around the sides of the sticker.

Wow I have seen some beauties in my time. Most often a hot air gun on them just does not work on very old stickers. Due to the age and the heat of the sun, the compounds within the adhesive change. If you are trying to remove Decals from glass windows you are likely to have no better than if the decals are on the bonnent or side of the vehicle.

The adhesive seems to fuse to the painted surface. Hence the heat gun does work as the decal has fuse and hence won’t melt. (FYI – for newer decals, that are less that 12 months old and not been out in the sun, a Heat gun can work)

This is what you call a problem when it comes time to remove them.

Best Tools to Remove Decals from Glass Windows

The best success to removing very hard to remove decals and stickers is with the Wonder Wheel.

It is an amazing product. Even our testimonials back these up (and yes it’s a shameless plug, though we are really proud of our product)

“Hi Peter
I just received your product, Wonder Blade, and I want to say THANK YOU ! I had asked so many people how to remove it and they all came down with one solution, hair dryer which will damage the car paint. But your products only take a few minutes! Now I can change decals any time and any style I want. Good luck at the business. I will definitely introduce your products around.”

The sticker removal tool (wonder wheel) It is made from a special silicon rubber, is circular in shape , an arbour that is attached to it and fits into an ordinary home electric drill.

Using a little pressure, depending on how stubborn and old the decals are and moving it up and down over the decal it is amazing how quickly it will disappear.

It also takes most of the adhesive off and if used as described will not harm the paintwork if original factory finish.

The trick with very old decals is they leave adhesive on the surface. This is the gooy glue that can be left over.

For newer decals, the wheel takes off the majority of the adhesive. However, for really old decals, you need a separate application to get rid of this stuff

Remove Decals from Glass Windows – The secret to remove the residue left on the surface

We recommend a citrus based cleaner / degreaser as works very well. This is usually available from most home depot’s and costs around five bucks. A few sprays, wipe with a dry cloth and most of the decal or sticker residue will be gone.

If you can’t be bothered going to the home depot, you can try WD40 if you have it in your garage. I personally don’t use it as prefer the citrus smell. I found a youtube video of a guy using WD40 in wiping away residue left over from some stickers. This will also work to remove residue if you need to remove decals from glass windows

P.S – you can see why from the below picture why a heat gun won’t remove this old cracked sticker from the car bonnet. As the decal is so old, a heat gun, would only lift a tiny pieces of the sticker, before it flaked off. The wheel will strip away the Decal and work much faster

remove decals from glass windows

Cracked old decal sticker