Decal removal for Cars and Boats

Vinyl auto and boat decals are becoming increasingly popular these days, and it’s not difficult to see why. These stylish decals and stickers can jazz up your vehicles and add your personal taste to it. What’s more?

They are highly durable too, and when installed properly, it stays on for years. However, while installing auto and decals on your vehicle, you must be really careful and make sure that no air bubbles are trapped in. If you put them properly, decal removal also become relatively easy.

There are several durable and easily removable car decals stickers available in the market (that makes decal removal a piece of cake). The durability of these auto decals is chiefly because of the high quality materials that they are made of.

The vinyl decals are wither made from the finest exterior vinyl which is die-cut; or the white adhesive vinyl which are digitally printed using UV resistant inks.

If you are looking for car and boat stickers then there are two popular types of decals/ stickers available – the angel decals and the animal stickers. Here we will briefly describe these decals so that you know which to choose for your cars and boats. Just remember, at some stage you will probably need to instil decal removal so try select a decal that can be removed eaisly

Types of Decal Removal

Angel Decals/ Stickers: These are beautifully designed auto and boat decals that look like angels. Even in this group, there are several sub categories including girl angel decals, boy angel decals, baby angel decals and more. The angels are usually shown holding a cupid arrow, heart or flower.

These decals and stickers are available in digitally printed and die-cut styles. The white adhesive angel stickers/ decals usually have additional details filled in to make them look attractive.

Animal Decals/ Stickers: These stickers are available in various shapes and sizes, and you can get any animal decal that you prefer. No wonder, the animal decals are the most favorite among vehicle owners. People love to put on cute car and dog stickers. For boats, there are fish, shark, and bird decals available in different sizes. Other types of animal stickers include dinosaurs, butterflies, horses, dragons, insects, and reptiles.

Animals have a personality of their own and the stickers reflect that in a beautiful way.  The eagle decals reflect courage and fierceness, whereas cat/ dog decals add a dash of warmth to autos and boats.

Installation and Decal Removal

If you are planning to install stickers on vehicles, should also know how to remove decals. Although the angel and animal decals look very cute, they might get faded and scratched over time.

When you have to remove older decals to install a new one in its place, save yourself the trouble and use the fantastic Wonder Wheel decals/ sticker remover tool.

With the Wonder Wheel, you can remove car decals and boat stickers within minutes, without mess or damaging the paint in any way. This decals removal tool is made of soft rubber, and hence it is safe on almost all types of surfaces.

Check out this YouTube Decal Removal video to see how you can use Wonder Wheel for easy decal removal that only takes minutes!

Decal Removal - Angel Decals

Angel Decals