My friend bought a brand new motorcycle last week but there was something that he didn’t like – the silly safety decals plastered all over the motorcycle’s fuel tank (you know the old question “How am I going to remove Decals from a Motorcycle!”).

I agreed with him that the stickers destroyed the overall look. Frankly, I really don’t understand why some manufacturers put these silly decals and stickers all over the fuel tank, may be to discourage a dim bulb from riding drunk, helmet-less or drugged.

However, I seriously doubt whether a vinyl sticker could stop an individual from doing something stupid and urge him to act responsibly.

More than anything else, these motorcycle decals spoil look of the otherwise beautiful beast we love to drive!

Coming back to my friend’s woes…he was extremely happy with his motorcycle but terribly upset by the way the manufacturer had plastered decals on it.

So, I gave him a solution – the Wonder blade. I have been using Wonder products to remove decals/ stickers from cars, trucks, bikes and glasses for years, and I truly believe that there cannot be an easier and hassle-free method to get rid of decals.

I know people like trying traditional methods such as using a heat gun, hair dryer, acids etc…but they don’t give a clean and quick result like the Wonder products.

Trust me, I have tried these traditional methods too and spend hours trying to peel off the deals and getting rid of the sticky glue. It used to be a frustrating experience!

But thanks to the Wonder products – Wonder Wheel and Wonder Blade, removing decals and stickers of any size or shape has now become a breeze.

We used the plastic Wonder Blade to remove the decals from the motorcycle’s fuel tank and they were gone within minutes. No chemicals, no sticky glue… and the best of all, it did not damage the paint or scratch the surface. Here’s what you should know about this wonder blade tool to remove decals:

Facts about the Wonder Blade – To remove Decals from a Motorcycle

  • The Wonder Blade is made of plastic and it is perfect for the delicate jobs where you need to be really careful about not damaging the surface. As the blade is made of plastic, it can be safely used on all types of surfaces.
  • Furthermore the compact size of the tool makes it easy to carry with you in your tool box or pocket while working onsite.
  • Unlike other decals removal tools, the Wonder Blade does not contain any chemicals that might irritate the skin. It is also an environmentally friendly approach to removing decals/ stickers.

Used Motorcycles – Still Need to Remove Decals from a Motorcycle

If you have bought a used motorcycle that has large decals on its body then you might use the Wonder Wheel which is perfect for the heavy duty jobs. It is made of soft rubber to ensure that it doesn’t damage the surface in any way. The revolutionary spinning motion of the wheel removes decals within minutes.

Using the Wonder Wheel and Wonder Blade is easier than you think. Check these videos to see how you can use wonder products to remove decals from any surface with ease:

Example of how to Remove Decals from a Motorcycle with the Wonder Blade

Example of how the Wonder Blade could Remove Decals from a Motorcycle using the Wonder Wheel

Remove Decals from a Motorcycle

Decals on Motorcycles