Have you ever looked at a sign from a distance , can’t really read it and say to yourself, “Why didn’t they make those letters bigger? This very applicable to road sign signs, so if you want to sell your product or just let people know about something or advertise please keep these  figures in mind.

Also the size of your sign, an eight feet by six feet high sign looks terrifyingly big when you stand next to it but from 500 feet away it looks unbelievably small.

Best plan is go out and see what other people and sign writers have done. There is nothing worse than going to a lot of trouble and work making a sign and then finding out it doesn’t do the job.



                                   Viewing distance.                                                   Minimum  letter height

100 feet (30 metres)                                                                4 inches

250 feet (85 metres)                                                                10 inches

360 feet  (120 metres)                                                             16 inches

500 feet  (160 metres)                                                             22 inches

750 feet  (250 metres)                                                             33 inches

1000 feet (330 metres)                                                             43 inches

1/4 mile  (450 metres)                                                             57 inches

Sounds crazy doesn’t it, but they are the facts for sign size from different distance.

What size should your sign letters be?

What size should your sign letters be?