My 17 years old neighbor Steve bought a dirt bike last week and he was thrilled with the purchase.

Steve is very passionate about dirt-biking and he had been saving money for months to be able to buy one, so understand he was overjoyed.

I must agree that he had got a good deal, but there was something that bothered him – the unsightly decals.

Both the manufacturer and the previous rider had covered the bike with decals and stickers… 

These bike decals were large and just like any industrial stickers they had a strong adhesive to stay attached despite rough handing and weather conditions.

Due to the strong adhesive, it became almost impossible to peel off the decals, and they were too many in number.

Steve’s friends suggested that he should use a heat gun or a hair dryer to take off the stickers, but the adhesive was so strong that it won’t budge. Furthermore, Steve was scared that he would spoil the paint of the bike that he really liked a lot.

When I visited Steve, he was very upset and I asked him to bring his bike to my garage. I took my Wonder Wheel and slowly started attacking the decals one by one, and voila! We had a clean dirt bike without any stickers or adhesive stains right in front of our eyes.

The best part is that it took us less than 20 minutes to take as many as eight decals off the bike, without damaging the paint or scratching the surface.

Now that’s the magic of the Wonder Wheel!

I know there are many like Steve, who find it difficult to remove decals from their favorite dirt bike and this eats away the fun. Whether you have a dirt bike or a car, you can use the Wonder Wheel made of soft rubber to easily remove decals of any size.

The tool can effortlessly take off large sized decals within a few minutes!

Here’s a video that shows how to use the Wonder Wheel in the best way.

For situations, when the decals are small sized and attached on surfaces that are delicate, I’d suggest using the Wonder Blade. This tool is made of plastic and it can be safely used to take off decals/ stickers without scratching the surface.

You can watch this YouTube Video to see the Wonder Blade in action.

This decals/ sticker removal method doesn’t include any chemicals so there’s no mess or skin irritations. I have used the Wonder Wheel to remove decals from almost all vehicles including car, bikes, trucks and it works brilliantly every time.

Even if you have an old vehicle that has decals or stickers that have been baked for years, you can use this tool to remove them easily, within a few minutes.

So, if you have recently bought a used dirt bike that has too many decals on it, then you just need a few minutes to remove decals using Wonder Wheel and get the desired look!

Decals on Dirt Bike

Decals/ Stickers on Dirt Bike