Want To Remove Decals From Your Mountain Bike? We Can Help You With That.

No doubt you love your mountain bike and would do anything to keep it in the best condition always. A good way to ensure that it stays good for years to come is to give it a fresh coat of paint. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars over detailed and intricate designing to make your bike look new. A simple can of paint can help you completely transform the look of your bike. Before you go for that, you must remove decals and stickers from your mountain bike.

Why Is It Important To Remove Decals/ Stickers?

If you are thinking of painting your mountain bike then you need to first remove decals and stickers from the bike or else the paint will look uneven. When removing the stickers, you should make sure that it is taken off easily without any adhesive residue or scratch on the surface as this would spoil the appearance of the bike, and you will not get the desired effect even after painting the bike.

Tools To Remove Decals / Stickers

Thankfully there are some easy to use decals remover tools available that can help you get rid of decals and vinyl stickers within a few minutes. You don’t need to peel the stickers or scratch them with your finger nails. You also don’t have to use chemicals to take off the sticky adhesive residue.

With the help of the Wonder Wheel, you can easily take off the stubborn decals without any hassles.

Before removing the decals you may consider taking off the parts of the bike from the frame. This might include wheels, handlebars, water bottle holders, and chains.

This will help you easily remove stickers or decals from the frame. First of all clean the bike with soap and luke warm water to get rid of dirt and stains from the bike.

With the help of Wonder Wheel you can remove decals (large to medium sized) from the bike frame.

However, if the stickers are small in size then you may consider using the Wonder Blade which is made of plastic. It is gentle on all types of surfaces and it helps you remove decals/ stickers without damaging the paint. This decals remover method is chemical free, hence it doesn’t cause any skin irritations. Furthermore, it is also an environmentally friendly approach.

The Wonder Blade is a compact tool which can be easily carried in the tool kit or even pocket while working onsite

For heavy duty jobs, such as removing large sized decals from cars or trucks, you may use the Wonder Blade made of soft rubber. You can watch the videos for Wonder Blade and Wonder Wheel to find out how to use the tools to remove decals.

Once the decals or vinyl stickers have been removed, apply two to three coats of spray paint, allowing the frame to dry in between each coat. Then spray on one or two coats of glossy finish after your last coat of paint has dried on the bike. Your mountain bike will stay new and fresh for years.

Remove Decals From Your Mountain Bike

Remove Decals From Your Mountain Bike