Do you need to remove Decals from your vehicle?

We see more and more vehicles on the road covered with decals/ stickers, some more eccentric than others.

There are several reasons why people love putting decals and stickers on their vehicles. Some do it to personalize their car while some use their vehicle as a traveling mode of advertisement.

While we may like the cute family decals pasted the back of the car, there are some ridiculous ones that seem really stupid.

No one likes a vehicle which looks like a moving magazine. Sometimes you just want to remove decals/ stickers that you wish you hadn’t put in the first place.

Many times you get a great deal on a car which has been labeled with stickers and decals of all sizes. In most cases, the person who puts up a lot of decals on their vehicle is not the one who takes good care of it. Many times we get emails from people having high end vehicles looking for ways to remove decals for various reasons.

Your reason to remove Decals

Whatever your reason to remove decals from your car, in this post I’ll tell you ways through which you can beat the bumper blogger.

Whether you are trying to get the decals off the glasses or the vehicle body, removing the stickers/ decals that have been there for a long time is not easy.

If you are trying the traditional methods such as using a heat gun, hair dryer or Goo Gone then this would require a lot of time and patience. Even then, many times it is difficult to remove the stickers without damaging the paint or scratching the body of the vehicle.

The best way to remove decals is to use a Wonder Wheel or the Wonder Blade. These are the two wonder products that not only help you remove decals / stickers easily, but also in considerably less time as compared to the traditional methods.

The Wonder Wheel is made of soft rubber and this makes the tool safe to use on almost any type of surface.

The new tool to remove decals

The revolutionary spinning motion of the wheel enables you to remove decals (big and small) using the Wonder Wheel. Check this YouTube Video to remove decals to see how this tool is used to take off a large decal within 10 minutes, without any adhesive residue left on the surface of the vehicle.

The Whizzy Wheel is one of the easiest and fastest ways to remove decals and vinyl signs within minutes. It doesn’t contain any chemicals hence you don’t have to worry about getting skin irritations.

Furthermore this is an environmentally friendly approach to remove stickers.

The Wonder Wheel is used for the heavy duty jobs, whereas the Wonder Blade can be used for the more delicate surfaces where you have to be extra careful.

With the Wonder products in your tool box, removing decals and stickers become a breeze. These tools can be used to comfortably take off small to large vinyl signs and stickers on cars, jeeps, trucks, buses or boats.

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