Do you want to remove decals from your windshield? Wonder Wheel can help you remove decals and stickers from almost any surface within minutes.

Last week Susan asked me – How can I take off an ID sticker from the inside of the windshield without creating any stains?

The city she lives in provides an access sticker annually for the front windshield. She sounded really pissed off because her car had last year’s stickers as well.

There are many like Susan, who have a hard time removing stickers and decals from their windshield and sometimes they just leave it there to escape the hassle.

However, ignoring the decals on the windshield is not the solution.

Whether it’s a parking sticker, city decal, or inspection sticker, they are meant to last and the adhesive is usually very powerful.

Over the years, I have seen people grumble and feel frustrated when removing stickers and decals. Sometimes the adhesives are so strong that you need a liquid remover that turns to be really messy.

Some people even resort to ways such as using sharp objects such as a fork or knife to take off the decal, and thus end up causing scratches.

Why bother yourself with traditional methods and spend hours blaming the stickers when you can remove decals within minutes?

Wonder Wheel brings you a hassle-free and chemical-free method to remove decals or  stickers without damaging the surface. The wheel is made of soft rubber material which means that it can be used safely on all types of surfaces.

How Does It Work To Remove Decals?

Wonder Wheel is an innovative product and one of the fastest modern day tools to remove decals and stickers from the vehicles using the revolutionary spinning motion. Furthermore, the product is very simple and easy to use.

You can watch this YouTube video that shows how to use this decal removal tool to get rid of stickers within minutes.

The Wonder Wheel is perfect for the heavy duty jobs and besides removing the baked decals on the windshield; you can also use this tool to remove decals from trucks, boats, cars, motorcycles, RV’s and campervans. 

Remove Decals Useing Wonder Blade For Delicate Jobs:

For the delicate jobs, you may consider using the Wonder blade which is made of plastic. This tool is best suited for the smaller sized decals.

As it is made of plastic, it works efficiently without damaging the surface of the vehicle.

It is easy to use and chemical free. Watch this YouTube video to see how you can use this plastic blade to remove decals and stickers from delicate surfaces.

So the next time you want to remove decals or vinyl stickers from your windshield, forget scratching, pulling or using adhesive removing solutions, just use your wonder wheel or blade to remove decals within minutes. No more worrying or blaming the rules. You can use the wonder products on almost any surface to keep your home and vehicles clean and decal free.

Windshield Decals

Windshield Decals