Car decals were earlier used for decorative purposes only, however they are now being considered as an effective tool for advertising and promotion. They can be applied anywhere on the vehicle and the best part is that you can use your own creativity to come up with car decals of your own choice.

These decals can easily be custom printed as you like and they can also be die-cut to fit well with a variety of sizes and shapes.

When using car decals to advertise, it is hard to go wrong however there are a few suggestions that you might consider before designing your own custom decals and placing an order.

Things To Consider When Designing Car Decals

When designing your own car decal, you should first measure your vehicle correctly. The design of your decal should be significantly affected by the overall size of the car.

So, you need to properly take the measurement of the area where you wish to apply the decal on your vehicle.

Once you understand the size limitations, you will be able to design a proper decal as per those specifications.

Your car decals shouldn’t look like you are simply trying to fill the space. Instead, it should appear like a lot of effort and thought was put into designing the decals. If required, you may consider hiring a professional designer to help you create the design of your decal.

If you don’t have a budget to accommodate a professional then you might consider doing it yourself?

You must keep the text bold, large and easy to read from a distance.

If you are designing a car decal to help you advertise your business then it should include your business name and contact information. However, you must remember to not go overboard with this.

There are some people who clutter their decal with too much of information, thus spoiling the look.

If something is not absolutely essential then it need not be there in the first place as this might distract your customers from the important message.

Similar to any car sign, the car decal design should include abundant color contrast to help your message stand out from the crowd. The designs used in the decal should also be highlighted with colors, however make sure it does not become hard to read because of this.

The use of colors must be done correctly to create a favorable impression on your target audience.

Vinyl Car Decals / Stickers

The vinyl car stickers can be effortlessly cut into any design or shape you choose. This usually costs more, however it can make your sticker look more interesting and unique.

For simple letter decals, you might look for the product known as vinyl lettering to easily and effectively say what you want.

If you are finding it difficult to get inspired for your car decal design, there are several online companies that can help you.

Car Decals/ Sticker Remover

When you need to remove old car decals to put new ones, or take out decals to be able to resell your vehicle, use only the expert – Wonder Wheel for the large and stubborn decals, and the Wonder Blade for the small and delicate ones.