Car decals can be applied quickly to show your support for a sports team or advertise your business, but when it comes to removing car decals, it can become a real pain.

Worse if they have been there for long and baked under the sun for several hours.

If you wish to get rid of the sticky adhesive applied to the paintwork, it calls for care, or else you may risk ruining the paintwork.

If you look around, you will find several cars with decals having funny images and slogans. Some may remind you of the holiday times while some express the profound love of the family members.

Regardless of how attractive these car decals may seem, after a few days the stickers begin to fade, showing the ugly side of the picture.

Now the car decals that you were proud of at one time or the ones that brought smile to you may seem like a burden, regardless of whether you choose to keep the car or sell it.

Unfortunately, removing the car decals is not a straightforward job, and you cannot really do it without ruining the paintwork beneath.

Options For Removing Car Decals

The most common areas where the decals are applied include the rear of the car or on the boot lid. If you look online, you will find many solutions for removing car decals, such as using a hair dryer, chemicals, etc.

These may work for the tiny stickers but if you have a large sized and faded decal then I’m afraid these tools might just end up frustrating you.

Some of these car decal removal tools might be useful in getting rid of the decal but it leaves behind the sticky residue which will get dirty over time and look very unsightly.

So, save yourself and your car from the trouble and frustration.

I have seen people get so frustrated after hours of trying to remove car decals that they try using sharp objects to peel the stickers; however this is a strict no-no. Make sure you do not use your fingernails, knife or any other sharp object to remove the decals.

Remove Car Decals

I would suggest that you use the Wonder Wheel to remove the stubborn decals. This amazing tool can take off even large decals within just a matter of minutes. Wonder Wheel is made of soft blades that are gentle on the car’s surface and can easily remove decals without ruining the paint.

Another incredible car decals remover tool is the wonder blade made of plastic. This tool also works smoothly on the car’s surface without ruining the paintwork. However, the wonder blade is mostly suitable for the small sized decals.

Check out these videos to see how you can use the Wonder Wheel and Wonder Blade to remove car decals.

With the wonder products by your side you can go ahead and apply as many decals as you wish on your car, without having to worry about taking them off. So, order your wonder tools today!

car decals

car decals


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