If you have recently bought a new car then you are most probably still obsessing about the way it looks. When you want your vehicle to stand out and look different when you are driving it on the road, try car decals.

They are an amazing and cheap way to brighten up your vehicle instantly and give it a new look every month.

With the decals of your choice, you can completely transform the look of your vehicle, so much that it looks like you own a brand new vehicle every time.

Car decals are so varied and visually appealing that you can use them in several ways to enhance the look of your vehicle.

These stickers offer an interesting ways to smarten up your vehicle. Some of the decals are so large sized that they can cover the entire length of the vehicle, while there are some that are simply about the size of your hand.

There are hundreds of different decals that you can use to enhance the look of your vehicle.

With the car decals, you can express yourself by adding your personality to the vehicle. Some of the common types of car decals used today are:

Window Graphics:

These are the see-through decals/ stickers that can be easily installed on the glass windows of the car. They are mainly used to block the sunlight, and they also help in preventing the interior of the vehicle from getting faded too soon.

Furthermore, they provide you with just the kind of privacy you have been looking for. These window decals are made of the micro-perforated sheets.

Full-side Car Decals:

These are the artistic car decals that are installed on the sides of the vehicle. The full side decals are available in a wide range of designs. You can choose from the various styles including tribal art, flames, patriotic, checkered geometric, comic characters, animals and more. You can also customize your own car decals to match the exterior of your vehicle.

Hood Car Decals:

These are the large sized decals that are installed right at the center of the top of the car hood. If you wish to buy a huge hood decal for your vehicle, check out the various designs available.

You will also find magnetic hood decals that can be changed every month to give your vehicle a new look every month. These stickers come in a variety of designs and colors such as yellow, beige, gun metal grey, burgundy, teal, sapphire blue, dark green, lime green. So, you have a new car every time!

Removing Car Decals:

When you need to remove car decals to install new ones, always trust the experts – the Wonder Wheel and the Wonder Blade. These decal removal tools are made of soft rubber and plastic material that help to remove the stickers/ decals without damaging the car paint or scratching the exterior of the vehicle.

With the help of the Wonder products, you can remove small to large sized car decals within minutes with ease.

car decals

car decals