If you love your car, you must read this. Whether you have just bought a new car and wish to remove the dealership decals or you want to remove stickers so that you can sell your vehicle again, there are a few things that you must abstain from to ensure that you do not get your vehicle damaged.

If you ask for solutions to remove decals in the online forums, you will find several suggestions, and the most common would be to use a hair dryer and decal remover solution.

I have seen people follow these suggestions blindly and end up with drastic results.

Hence, I would suggest that you first examine the size and condition of the decal. The larger decals are more difficult to get rid of than the smaller ones.

Car Decals Removal: Things To Avoid


Furthermore, if the decal has been there for long, and been baked under the sun for countless hours then this will be tougher than you think. Before we tell you about the ideal solutions for removing car decals, let’s see a checklist of what not to do when removing car decals.

Never use your finger nails when removing car decals as they will scratch the surface of the vehicle and damage the paint.

Some people get so frustrated that they try removing the stickers by all means, even by using sharp objects like knives and forks.

This is a strict no, as you will not only damage your vehicle but you may also get hurt.

There are decal removal solutions available in the market but the biggest downside is that they may leave sticky adhesive on the vehicle’s surface, which can attract dirt and thus look ugly. If it’s a very small sticker then you may consider using the chemical solutions, or else we would recommend that you do not use them for removing decals.

Blow drying using a hair dryer is one of the most common methods used for removing decals however this is not always the perfect option. It may take you hours to remove a small decal using a hair dryer and even then there might be stubborn adhesives on the surface. So, save yourself the harassment and frustration by avoiding this method.

Car Decals Remover Tool:


Now that we have warned you against what you should not do to remove car decals, here is a simple and perfect solution to get rid of unwanted stickers on your vehicle.

Consider using the Wonder Wheel and Wonder Blade, two advanced decals removal tools, specifically designed to remove decals from your vehicles without damaging the surface or the paint work.

You can use the Wonder Wheel, made of soft rubber material to remove the large sized decals within minutes; while the Wonder Blade which is made of plastic can be used to take off the small sized decals.

You will be amazed at the speed and efficiency at which the wonder wheel removes decals from the car surface, as if it was never there!