If you own a car then you must know that decals and stickers form an integral part of your vehicle. They don’t contribute to the functional aspect but they are fixed to your vehicle all the time. The first car decal or sticker you get while purchasing your car is the dealership decals or stickers. And from then onwards you will be using a plethora of decals and stickers as parking stickers, club membership stickers, traffic decals and stickers and so on.

Willingly or unwillingly, these stickers are attached to your car and they become an integral part of your vehicle. If you are thinking why people paste decals and stickers to cars then the answer is very simple – to advertise their company, products or services to the masses.

Car decals or stickers are an effective medium to advertise any kind of business or service. Dealership stickers advertise dealership services while the club membership decals advertise that particular club. When your car is used to advertise others products and service, why not use it for your own business advertisement? Yes, you can you car decals or stickers to advertise your business too.

Tips to consider while advertising your business through car decals or stickers:

URL Car decals or stickers:

These are the short and most popular form of car decals where the advertisers include their website URL to their decals and attract traffic to their site. These days most of the orders take place online and providing your website URL to the target market will help you get good business online.

Slogan & symbol car decals or stickers:

Add attractive slogan that related to your products or services so that people can relate your product whenever they are in need of it. Also add a symbol of your product to your advertisement so that people can identify your brand with that symbol too. It is always advisable to take the services of professionals to add slogan and symbol to your car decals or stickers.

Company details:

Always include your company details on decals or stickers. However the matter will completely depend upon the decal size and font size you use. For best practice use your company name along with the details through which you take orders. If you take orders online then mention your website URL, if it is through telephone then mention that. In some businesses people have to mention their physical address so that people can visit their office and make the orders. So, whatever the case may be you must include the name as well as the details you take orders.

Promotional offers:

Including promotional offers to your car decals or stickers completely depends upon the advertiser as adding it to the decals means the advertisers are limiting their advertisement for a particular time period. Most of the promotional offers last for time period and after that the decal should be removed from the vehicle.

How To Remove Old Car Decals Or Stickers?

If you have already added car decals or stickers to your vehicle and now want to replace them with new ones then you should first remove the older ones and then add the new car decals of your choice. You can take the help of Wonder Products which are professionally designed and developed to remove car decals or stickers from any surface smoothly within minutes. Use Wonder Wheel if you want to remove large and heavy duty car decals or stickers while Wonder Blade can be used for smooth, small, and delicate surfaces. You will be amazed with the results. It will take hardly few minutes to remove large decals from any surface.

Useful links for decal removal

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car decals or stickers

car decals or stickers