Have you heard of reflective decals? They are not like your regular car decals, as they are used for a variety of other reasons as well. There are many ways in which you can use these decals and we will discuss some of the reasons in this post.

Why do people opt for the reflective decals?

Some of the main reasons for which these types of reflective decals or stickersĀ are used include emergency situations like fire department, transportation mediums, emergency stickers in a building leading to the fire extinguisher or some other optional emergency escape pathway, to name a few.

There have been diverse uses for the reflective decals in the past twenty years, and they have also been used on the helmets of the US Navy Helicopter pilot squadron.

As these stickers become popular, they were also being used as a fun accessory sticker on bicycles as kids love the shine.

They have also been used as popular vehicle decals on commercial automobiles for decorating purposes. There have also been several establishments that have secured reflective decals as a means of marketing their stuff; hence they have been used as marketing decals instead of being just another simple bumper or window decal.

Grades for reflective decals:

The reflective decals works great when you are driving at night as they reflect, and pop up to make other take notice of you on the road. There are several different manufacturers and grades of reflective vinyl stickers available and as per the guidelines of the United States Department of Transportation, you must have at least a prismatic grade, and then move on to the diamond grade that are more useful for the school zones or high danger areas.

Engineer grade is considered as the least reflective grade, and this type is widely used by the private users those who need reflective decals or stickers orĀ for real estate signs or helmet decals.

The Engineer grade decals can be easily printed on a digital printer; whereas the Diamond or Prismatic grades have to be decorated or screen-printed with the EC film.

Other uses of reflective decals:

Some other uses of the reflective decals or stickers can be seed on the interstate freeways or streets. These signs are made of sheets of aluminum that have reflective decals glued over them. In case, you do not fall under the USDOT jurisdiction, you may make the reflective signs using the engineer grade reflective decal material, which is cheaper than other grade materials.

Boat decals are also made of reflective materials so that they are visible to naked eye on the sea. When choosing a reflective decal for your boat, you may need to make sure that you buy a good quality one that will last longer.

If you have bought a second hand boat or vehicle and wish to install reflective decals or stickers then use the Wonder Wheel or Wonder blade to first get rid of the older decals on the body within minutes and then apply new ones afresh.

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Reflective Decals

Reflective Decals