Mary asked: How do I remove the ID sticker and decal from the inside of the windshield? Our city provides an access sticker for the front windshield of vehicles each year, and I don’t know how to get rid of last year’s ID sticker.

The ID sticker is pretty translucent and sticks securely.

Well, I know there are many like Mary that are worried about the ID sticker sticking on their car windshields year after year, thus damaging the appearance of the vehicle. If you are also among those wondering how to get rid of these sticky car decals without damaging the paint or scratching the surface of the vehicle then you have come to the right place.

In this article we will tell you how you can remove the ID sticker and other types of similar car decal with ease.

You may have heard of the traditional methods of using the chemicals or peeling the decals in diverse ways however this will only cause the outside of the sticker to come off and you will be left with the sticky adhesive that will accumulate dirt and look very ugly.

Also, save yourself from troubles by resisting the urge to use a sharp object like knife or fork to peel the ID sticker, decals or the sticky glue. This will further aggravate the condition of the decal and you may need to repaint your vehicle to cover the scratches.

Use Wonder Products To Get Rid Of ID Sticker From Your Vehicle:

If you wish to get rid of the ugly ID sticker, we would suggest that you use the Wonder Products.

Using Wonder Blade to Remove Small ID Sticker:

If you wish to get rid of this ugly ID sticker, we would suggest that you use the Wonder Wheel or the Wonder Blade. If the stickers are small in size then you can conveniently use the Wonder Blade which is made of plastic material and it helps remove the car decals without any annoyance.

What’s great about using the Wonder blade is that they do not involve any chemicals hence it will not cause irritation to your skin or fade the color of the vehicle. Furthermore, the Wonder blade is so compact that you can easily keep it inside your tool box and carry with you.

Using Wonder Wheel to Remove Large ID Sticker:

Alternatively, if you are looking for a decal remover tool for the large sized ID sticker on your car then we would suggest that you use the Wonder Wheel. This is an amazing tool that allows you to get rid of the decals without any waste of time. The decal removal tool is made of soft rubber thus it does not cause any scratches on the surface of the vehicle nor does it fade the car paint.

The Wonder wheel is an ideal product that you can use for the large and heavy duty decals that are adamant and have been baked under the sun. Sometimes the decals are in such a terrible condition that you really need a powerful yet soft tool like the Wonder Wheel to get rid of them.

With the Wonder products by your side, you can remove all types of vehicle decals and stickers including car decals, boat stickers, dealer decals, ID stickers, family stickers, decals on bike, windows, glass and so on.

ID Stickers/ Decal removed

ID Stickers/ Decal removed

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