Decals, stickers, and wraps are used widely to give your car an individual look.

They can be used as a medium to speak your mind, express your thoughts, show love for your country, family, or pets.

These vehicle decals can be bought off the shelf, and they are available in a wide range of styles and designs or you may even get them custom made as per your preference.

The calendered vinyl decals are not very long lasting, and they are mostly used in racing or for short term advertising needs. These vehicle decals also have the tendency to shrink and wear off with time.

The cast vinyl decals and stickers on the other hand are smoother and thinner than usual, and they can be easily stretched around the curved areas of the vehicle. If you wish to add life to your vehicle decals then you may consider laminating them.

The single colored stickers are mostly cheaper and you may custom-make your own designs and have them printed as vinyl decals and stickers.

The thematic colored stickers are mostly used for hoods, vents, scoops, etc.

The cast vinyl decals and stickers for cars are also very popular among vehicle owners and the entire body graphics are a little expensive but they are known to completely transform the look of your vehicle.

The complete body wraps are the vinyl decals that are imprinted on large sheets and they can be wrapped around the car.

The large sized decals are mostly used by the advertisers on their trucks, taxis, and buses; and they are highly customizable. These car wraps are useful in keeping the body of the car safe from scratches, and the price usually depends on the length of the vehicle, material, and design.

Removing Vinyl Decals and Stickers:

Regardless of the type of vinyl decals and stickers that you apply on your vehicle after sometime they look faded and battered, and removing them has always been a challenge. Although there are several traditional ways to remove decals such as heat guns or chemicals, they can result in causing scratches on the surface of the vehicle or damaging the paint.

Use Wonder Products to Remove Vinyl Decals:

The wonder products are the most effective ones in getting rid of the vinyl decals from the surface of the vehicle. You can use the Wonder Wheel or the Wonder Blade to remove decals from the surface of the vehicles within minutes.

Wonder Wheel is made of soft rubber material and it can be used on large sized vinyl decals to get rid of them within minutes of use without any frustration. They are most suitable for the heavy duty decals.

The Wonder Blade on the other hand is made of plastic material and it can be used to remove small sized vinyl decals.

Within minutes, you will be able to remove the vinyl decals from the surface of your car without damaging the paint work or causing any scratches on the surface of the vehicle. You can watch these videos to see how you can remove vinyl decals and stickers using Wonder Wheel or Wonder Blade.

vinyl decals

vinyl decals