The other week I had an email question regarding the best way to remove adhesive left on the surface after a decal had been removed

In this situation a hair dryer had been used to remove the decal as a wonder wheel hadn’t been used as it usually takes off 80% of the adhesive

I found a product made by the blaster group called Decal & Sticker remover (DSR) – Specifically engineered for the removal of adhesive. It’s similar to a citrus degreaser in that it is designed to break down and destroy the adhesive ability of stickers and labels, thus allowing them to be removed without harming or scratching the base paint.

It is also a fabulous adhesive remover and will free surfaces frees of adhesive and gum.

I would recommend this product as a supplementary aid to remove any left of adhesive once a decal or sticker has been removed (plus has a pleasant citrus odour)

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Celebrating 2012. After a year of removing decals

Celebrating 2012. After a year of removing decals