Yes, there used to be a time when to remove decals or stickers from vehicles was not only a time consuming job but it also created a lot of mess leaving the stubborn adhesive on your hands, clothes etc.

Thankfully, with Wonder Wheels you can remove decals without any mess and it takes only a few minutes to get rid of them. In fact this decal remover tool is so easy to use that you can remove decals just before you take your favorite car out for that special event or long drive.


But before we further get into explaining how you can use the wonder tools to remove decals, let’s get a brief background of decals and the kind of mess it might potentially lead to.

Reasons To Use Decals 

Decals are definitely not new product and they have been around since a very long time as a means for people to express their love for their new car, their family, support a cause, a sports team, club, or simply express what is in their mind or heart.

When you are stuck in a traffic jam, just take a look around you and you will be surprised at the various types of decals that people use in the vehicles.

One of the most common of course is the pet and family decals and almost every family that owns a car and has kids at home will have these types of decals imprinted on to them.

There are some vehicles that sport bold decals that speak their mind and they are very open to their views on different aspects of life. Some decals are really funny and if you read those quotes they are sure to tickle your funny bone.

There was one really funny sticker I saw on a car the other day and it said – Horn broke, watch for finger!

Besides the fun and pride element associated with installing decals on vehicles, many people prefer using decals/ stickers as a way to promote their business, products or services. Those who own home based business or run a small company find this a greatly effective and affordable means of advertising and promotion.

Beside creating awareness about the company and its products, and enhancing the visibility of the brand, decals are also highly useful in spreading the word about the launch of a new website, new branch, or tell your consumers about a promotion or attractive discounts and deals available.

Reasons To Remove Decals 

Although the decals are used in various ways, when it comes to remove them when they have chipped off cracked can pose a lot of problems. If the decals have been baked for years under the sun, they become really hard and stick to the surface, making it difficult to get rid of them.

So, regardless of the reason for which you applied the decal on the car, you find it like a curse when you are faced with the situation of taking them out. Many people are worried that their attempts to remove decals with further damage the appearance of the vehicle spoiling the paint or creating scratches on the surface of the vehicle.

These fears are more intense for those who have bought a new or used car and they wish to remove decals that come from the dealership.

For some car owners, the dealership decals are a nuisance but the process of getting rid of it may be highly complicated as removing the industrial adhesive that comes from the manufacturing units or dealer store is much harder.

What to avoid when you have to remove decals: 

If you look online you will find that the Internet is flooded with content and videos that show you how to remove decals or stickers from your vehicles. These options may range from using a hair dryer or a Goo gone solvent but none of these would give you that clear surface, and if there are any leftover adhesives they will catch more dust and make the vehicle look very ugly.

Many people do the mistake of using some sharp objects such as a knife of fork to remove decals however this will only create scratches on the vehicle surface and spoil the paint so spare yourself the horror of damaging your car and adding to your expenses.

Wonder products to remove decals: 

When you want an easy and effortless way to remove decals for any kind of surface, the best and most reliable way is to use the Wonder wheels that we had mentioned at the beginning of this article. This incredible decal remover tool comes with a soft rubber body that swiftly removes even the most stubborn decals from the vehicle without damaging the car body.

The Wonder wheels work perfectly with large sized and heavy duty decals and you will be able to get rid of all the stickers on your vehicle within minutes of use.

What’s best about using this decal remover tool is that it is strictly a no mess method and it cleans the vehicle surface entirely without leaving any ugly or sticky residue so that your car looks like it never had a decal out there! 

Isn’t that amazing?

There’s also the Wonder blade which is made of plastic and can be used to remove decals which are of small size and applied on the more delicate surfaces.

So, if you had been thinking of removing those dried and ugly decals from your car but had been postponing your plans with the fear of the mess then you can now go ahead and claim your car back in its original appearance!

Using the Wonder wheel is so easy that you can remove decals using the tool and then drive away without wasting any time.

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Remove Decals

Remove Decals