Trailers have huge sized decals on their bodies, and they are mainly used for advertising purposes. Pasting the decals on the trailer is as challenging as removing them. Although these vinyl stickers work like wonderful mediums of advertisement and promotion, they tend to get cracked and chipped off, and under such circumstances removing decals from the trailer surface becomes a real challenge.

When it comes to remove decals or stickers from a trailer, it might seem like a huge task for those who are not equipped with the right tools. Many people try to peel off the stickers, but this will leave behind the ugly adhesive residue that spoils the appearance of the vehicle.

To properly remove decals from a trailer without scratching the surface or spoiling the paint, you would need to use the right decal remover tools such as the Wonder Wheel. With this fantastic tool, you can quickly remove decals / stickers in no time and save yourself from the harassment. In no time, you will have the decals removed from the trailer and it will be ready to use.

Why Use the Wonder Wheel to Remove Decals?

If you see the Internet you will find several methods to remove decals from a trailer, so why do we recommend only the Wonder Wheel? The answer is pretty simple – because it is not only easy to use, but the Wonder Wheel removes the decals as well as the adhesives within minutes.

The Wonder Wheel is made of soft rubber that is gentle on the surface and the revolutionary motion of the wheel efficiently works on the body of the vehicle to remove decals within minutes. The industrial adhesives are usually very sticky and stubborn, but the Wonder Wheel is capable of removing the sticky glue without causing any scratch or damage to the body of the trailer.

Advantages of using Wonder Wheel to Remove Decals/ Stickers:

The Wonder Wheel is mostly used on the heavy duty areas, thus it works best to remove decals/ stickers from trailers. As opposed to using hair dryers and chemicals to get rid of the stubborn adhesives, the Wonder Wheel is chemical free so your skin is not affected in any way by its use. Furthermore, the Wonder Wheel is an environment friendly method to remove decals and stickers from the surface of the vehicle.

After you have used this decal remover tool on the large decal, just rub the area with a plain cloth so to clean the surface and it will look as good as new. You can check out this video that illustrates the most effective way to use the Wonder Wheel to remove decals and stickers from a van.

You can see how the man uses the tool to get rid of a large sized decal within minutes. No mess! No hassles! A clean job done within minutes and this will put a smile on your face and take the stress out of removing decals from trailers.

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