Decal removal for trucks and trailers

Recently we have had a few enquiries regarding removing Decals from 53 foot trucks and trailers. Maybe it’s the change of season with Winter coming to an end.

From experience, we found that the Wonder Wheel was the fastest way to remove large areas of decals and stickers. However, we needed to a solution that would make it faster to remove very large areas of decals, vinyl letters and stickers and found on trucks, trailers and large glass shop windows.

The result is a new product we have found called the Whizzy Wheel. It’s being launched this January and we are really happy with the results so far. On the weekend we tested it on a few surfaces and it worked very well (see picture below. Video footage coming soon)

The main difference with this product is the design. Having square gaps taken around the wheel means it does not heats up slower and also lasts longer. We expect the Wheel to last about 25% longer than the Wonder Wheel and works about 20-30% faster. A real winner

Feedback on decal removal wanted…

We are keen to get further feedback from independent customers and as a special, offering the Whizzy Wheel at a discounted price til the end of January (it will be the same price as the Wonder Wheel for the next 2 weeks, saving you about $10 per wheel. If you like to order, just go to the order page and purchase a Wonder Wheel/s and email me at to let me know you would like the Whizzy Wheel instead of the Wonder Wheel

We will update very footage on the Whizzing Wheel taking of decals from a car in February that will be available from the decal removal demonstration page and homepage

We would love your feedback or interested in having a demonstration of the Whizzy Wheel. If you are based in Sydney, Australia, we can remove your decals from a car, truck, trailer, bus or glass (shop) window. In return, we just ask you let us take a video of removing the decals and stickers from the surface.

In other news…..

We would help our blog followers who want to learn more about decal removal a few tips to get off decals quickly and easily. Our top 2 tips are

  1. Adhesive removal. Sometimes on old decals that have been baked on in the hot sun, adhesive can be left of the surface once the decal or sticker has been removed. The best product we have found to remove this adhesive is Citrus Degreaser. This can be purchased from home depot for about $10 a can. (the link shows a large bottle, though smaller quantities can be bought
  2. Decal removal from plastic or motorcycle fairings/ guards. As the guards are made from plastic, we recommend a product that won’t damage the surface. In this situation, a plastic razor blade such the Wonder Blade is perfect.

 The Wonder Wheel is definitely the fastest way we know to remove decals from Trucks and Cars.

Without seeing the size of the decals, it’s hard to estimate the number of Wonder Wheels required. At a gut feel, I would recommend 2 – 3 Wheels. (FYI – we have a fair number of enquiries recently regarding removing decals from trucks).

We are about to release the new Whizzy Wheel which works faster and lasts longer than the Wonder Wheel. The Whizzy Wheel will cost about $10 more than the current Wonder Wheel, though as a special, we are happy to supply the Whizzy Wheel for you at the same price. (we would just ask you let us know how it worked as like to build up a database of user feedback before the release to general public). If this is of interest, just order 2 – 3 Wonder Wheels online and once we received your order, we will supply you with the Whizzy Wheel (picture attached).

We can also recommend citrus degreaser is a really good way to remove any left over adhesive once the decals has been removed. You can buy it from Home Depot for less than $10 a can. (FYI – the Whizzy Wheel takes off most of the adhesive)


Whizzy wheel decal removal

Whizzy wheel decal removal