If you own a boat then I’m sure it is one of your most prized possessions and you would do anything to jazz up your vessel and make it look smart before you take it to the waters. Many boat owners love to install decals on their boat to enhance the overall appearance of the vessel and some use it for safety reasons. Vinyl decals are widely used these days and you can see several boats flaunting stylish and functional decals.

Why do people install decals on boat? 

The private boat owners love naming their vessels and the process of choosing a name involves great excitement, as much as buying the boat. Some people are so proud of their vessel that they love to flaunt its name, by installing custom made decals that contains the name of the boat. These decals may also include other details such as the logo and name of the company etc.

Many people consider hiring professionals to create customized decals that display the cool name of the boat in the most fashionable way possible and also enhance the exterior with decorative stickers. Besides the customized decals, there are also many ready made vinyl boat name decals and stickers available online and these decals can be applied to boats, canoes, motor cruisers, sailboats, houseboats, ferries, powerboats, yachts, and any other types of marine and river vessels available.

When do you need to remove decals? 

As the boat grows older and is exhaustively used for various boating and fishing expeditions, the decals and stickers start to crack and peel, giving an ugly appearance to the vessel. When the stickers start to come off, it is wise to remove decals because they make the boat look unsightly; however it is important that you use the right methods to remove decals because using the wrong ways can spoil the paint or create scratches on the surface of the vehicle.

Some boat owners find it really frustrating to get rid of the cracked stickers and decals because they use all the wrong methods. There are some who try using the razor blades to remove decals however this is a strict no, because the blades will spoil the surface of the vessel and leave ugly marks on it, and if you try installing new boat decals on top of it, the scratches will show and make the vessel look absolutely terrible. Furthermore, the owners gets so terribly frustrated when he has to remove decals because it takes a lot of time and the end result is also not satisfactory.

Many times when people buy second hand boat, there might be decals installed on the vessel by the previous owner, and the present owner may want to remove decals and apply his own. Thus, there can be various reasons because of which an individual may need to remove decals or stickers from the boat’s surface; however it is important that you take care to ensure that the removal process is done smoothly and accurately.

Things you should not do to remove decals

When you wish to remove decals from your boat, make it a point to not use any kind of sharp object for the purpose as this might scratch the surface of the boat and damage the paint. You should also avoid peeling as this might cause the sticky industrial adhesive to look ugly. Some people try using chemical solutions to get rid of the sticky glue but these only makes things more messy.

Your boat is a significant investment and a lot of money also goes after its maintenance, so you would not like to do anything that spoils the appearance or damages it in a way that it requires repair. When so much of thinking and consideration goes into buying a new or used boat, naming your boat, and installing stylish decals to express your pride and love for your vessel, it makes sense that you only use the best of products when you need to remove decals from your boat.

Using Wonder tools to remove decals: 

When you want to remove decals on your boat with ease, we recommend that you use the Wonder tools – Wonder Wheel or Wonder Blade to remove decals and stickers with ease. The Wonder Wheel is made of soft rubber and it makes use of a revolutionary spinning motion to remove decals and stickers that have been baked for more than ten years.

The Wonder Wheel takes only a few minutes to completely remove decals without causing any effects on the surface of the boat. This is a simple and easy process, and the biggest advantage of using this decal remover tool is that it creates no mess, no fuss and enables you to remove decals of large sized within minutes.

When you remove decals using the Wonder Wheel, you do not need to use any chemicals hence it is also an eco friendly approach. Furthermore, as this tool is made of soft rubber it can be used with ease on all types of surfaces without any worry.

Besides the Wonder Wheel which is mainly used for the larger decals, there is also another effective tool known as the Wonder Blade which can be used to remove decals and stickers of smaller sized on the delicate surfaces. This decal removal tool is made of plastic and you may use it for small areas that have stickers installed on them. The tool is so compact that you can easily carry it with your in your tool kit.

Installing decals on your boat is fun and it allows you to express your mind and show your love for your new vessel, and you will have cherished memories of the boat in numerous fishing expeditions you enjoy with friends and family. So, go ahead and install attractive new decals on your boat, and forget the worry. When the time comes to remove decals from your boat, all you need is to use the Wonder Wheel or Wonder Blade and say adieu to the cracked or peeling stickers within minutes!

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