Graffiti removal – a new way to remove Graffiti

We received a different enquiry this week, rather than our usual emails and calls on how to remove decal and stickers

This call was from a local Sydney based council that needed to remove graffiti. Initially I thought we would not be able to help as I associate Graffiti with vandals using permanent marker pens and spray cans, defacing public and private property.

Well – there is a new kind of graffiti….

Apparently the new breed of graffiti artists can develop new artwork and designs on their computers and turn this into stickers and decals to be plastered on public property. It shows how much technology plays a role in our lives these days

So these homemade, so called artwork stickers and decals, that need to be removed, are being put on public property such as bus shelter windows, shop front windows, street signs and sometimes even public buses… the end result is the local council needs a fast way to remove these unwanted decals and stickers.

Currently the approach to remove these stickers is via metal razor blades which is not a good approach. We don’t recommend metal razors for decal removal as they have the following pitfalls

1. Dangerous: it’s easy for the user to cut themself. This is a bad process as it

  • The user is injuried and can be off work for a day or to
  • Inefficient, if the user is injuried, the job is delayed
  • Slow, metal razor blades has a narrow blade edge so is slow to remove decals

2. Potentially damage the surface if it’s painted

The good news is we have been able to help out the local council help remove the stickers and decals through a faster and easier method.

We have recommended the following approach for the council to quickly remove the unwanted graffiti stickers

  1. Larger stickers and decals: use the Whizzy Wheel to remove decals from surfaces such as sides of buses, glass windows, street signs. It’s the fastest tool and connects to a standard drill
  2. For stickers and decals to be removed from plastic surfaces: use the Miracle Blade. This is a large 4” wide (10cm) plastic blade, specifically designed to remove stickers from delicate surfaces. (please email as this product is about to be launched.

FYI – a tip to remove any left over adhesive from where the decal or sticker has be taken off. Use citrus degreaser to clean the surface. It really works well ant taking off the goo and sticky resin that maybe left on the surface once the decal has been removed.

Good luck removing those unwanted graffiti stickers

P.S below is a link to a video demo of the whizzy wheel removing decals via youtube


Graffiti Decal - Needs to be removed

Graffiti Decal - Needs to be removed