How do you remove car stickers?

The most common enquiry we receive each week is “how do you remove car stickers?”.

This isn’t due to the increase in those family car stickers that people are now starting to remove, rather the question arises when people purchase a 2nd hand car and want to remove car stickers that they don’t like.

Removing car stickers is also common in the fleet car industry when a fleet of sales cars are sold to private consumers, the prior advertising and corporate stickers need to be removed from the car.

The other car sticker people want to remove, is the car dealership sticker that needs to be removed after being left on the back window.

The majority of our customers purchase the Whizzy Wheel to remove car stickers as we find it’s the fastest and easiest way to remove decals, as highlighted by the below video

For those looking at alternate options, then we can suggest the below options

  1. Hot air gun or hair dryer: one of the most common and simple ways to remove a decal. The only downside is it doesn’t work very well on removing old baked on car stickers. If the sticker is very old and brittle, then we recommend the whizzy wheel as the best option to take off car stickers
  2.  Adhesive removers such as Citrus degreasers: these are better are removing the adhesive left on the surface, rather than taking off car stickers. The reason they don’t aswell, is the chemical can’t penetrate the sticker.
  3.  Razor blades: Metal razor blades are okay for windows, though definitely not to be used to remove car stickers on painted surfaces. We always recommend a plastic blade such as the Wonder Blade to remove small or hard to get to car stickers that need to be removed

Below is an example of car that has many car stickers that need to be removed

How do you remove car stickers

How do you remove car stickers