One of the most common email questions we receive is: “how do you remove car stickers?”

The good news is that we are specialist in removing car stickers so have a few solutions. Below are a few suggestions, depending on your budget and application.

1. How to remove car stickers that are old and baked on from the sun

In this situation, if the sticker is more than 5 years old and been in the sun a long time, then the only real option that works is the Whizzy Wheel. The reason being, when stickers are left in the sun for years, it fuses to the surface and becomes brittle. Using fingers nails, razors or heat guns do not work very well as the sticker only comes off in very little bits

The Whizzy Wheel is definitely the best option here

The Whizzy Wheel works well on painted car surfaces, glass or metal surfaces. However, we don’t recommend it on soft plastic surfaces. It’s the best way we know to answer the question we receive by so many prospective customers, how do you remove car stickers?

2. How to remove car stickers from car windows or glass (that aren’t baked on)

Here you have a few options as the surface is not painted so you can either use

a. Metal razor blade: we recommend getting a metal razor blade holder as if you slip, then it’s easy to cut yourself. Having blood and a cut finger is not good for anyone. Note: we strongly recommend against using a metal razor blade on plastic surfaces as it’s very easy to scratch the surface and ruin the paint work

b. Heat gun or hair dryer: these work okay, though usually take longer and slower than using a product like the Whizzy Wheel. The upside is there is no cost if you have a hair dryer handy.

Asking to borrow the hair dryer from your wife or girlfriend may raise a few eye brows

3. Plastic surfaces: the only product we recommend for removing stickers from plastic surfaces is the Wonder Blade.

The Wonder Blade that is made from soft plastic so won’t damage the surface. The blade is pointed and sharp enough to get under the surface of the sticker and easily remove it

A free Tip to help remove car stickers!

Often once a sticker has been removed from a car, there is adhesive left over. There are a couple of ways to easily remove this adhesive

  1. Environmentally friendly way: use a product like Eucalyptus oil that easily removes the sticky adhesive that can sometimes be left on the surface
  2. Heavy duty option: use a product like citrus degreaser that is available from Home Dept that makes removing any leftover adhesive easy

We have also included a video below of the Whizzy Wheel in action that shows how easy it is to remove car stickers.



Chief “Decal Removal” Officer

P.S – let us know did we answer the common question: how do you remove car stickers?