Dear Decal Removalist (expert soon to be),

We have got some exciting news today and wanted to share it with you on this great Monday!

Okay, so the exciting stuff is we have opened a VIP Whizzy Wheel Club and you have made this list… hoorah…. some good news to start the week.

So what does this get you. (you maybe thinking free flights, entry to the top restaurants….?)

Well you get two cool bonuses:

1) Free delivery on all future Whizzy Wheels – as long as you are living in the USA or Australia. All you need to do is visit this page to take advantage of the offer

2)VIP Whizzy Wheel card: an electronic version with your name on it will be sent on your next order and if you can send us a headshot, we will also add that to the card (and no, these can not be bought on the black market or eBay, if you are asking)

Example Whizzy Wheel VIP Card – Your name will be added to this cool card










I understand that sometimes, the decal or sticker removal job may have been a once off and if so, we really hope you got a great result…. if so, that’s awesome.

And before we head off, we always like to give you a bit of bonus Decal removal education:

  1. An environmentally friendly adhesive remover that works wonders and friendly to the environment is Eucalyptus oil. This works very well on car surfaces that have had a decal removed.
    1. If you can’t find a store that stocks Eucalyptus oil, then your local Home Depot or Bunnings (hardware store will usually stock adhesive remover)
    2. When removing a large car or RV decal, always start from the edge of a Decal and work your way towards the centre. This is the quickest way to get the job done
    3. Bonus Tip: if possible, always be nice to your mother.

And in-case you haven’t seen out latest Decal movie production video – you can check us out in removing some car decals below


Again, we love having fun at Whizzy Wheel Headquarters in decal and sticker removal, so please let us know if you have any questions or ways we can help


Chief “Decal Removal” Officer

P.S Before we go, just wanted to let you know we really value your business as being a repeat customer is really important to us and makes us do extra Whizzy Wheel dance every Friday afternoon before we break for the weekend.