Well it maybe the changing of the season or just people buying more cars with Car dealership stickers

This week I have had a few enquiries on how to remove the decals that are left on the back window when purchasing a car.

Now before I tell you the 4 easiest ways, I was told by a friend, and surprisingly didn’t realise this, that by not removing the car dealership sticker, the Car Dealership gets free advertising…. not bad. I would be happy to keep the dealership sticker on if I got a paid an advertising fee each month!

Okay enough of the distractions.

There are 3 basic ways to remove a car dealership decal

  1. The easy way, though potentially dangerous. If the dealership decal is only on the glass (not the paint) then using a standard metal razor will work. We strongly urge you to be very careful here not to cut your hand or fingers and to also make sure you have a metal case/ holder that surrounds the blade
    1. If the dealership sticker is only small and on a painted surface, you can also try using a plastic razor blade. Using a plastic razor blade from ebay can be a slower process though definitely saf
  2. Fastest way – the Whizzy wheel is definitely the fastest way and the below video shows it works really quickly in removing decals. The video showing car decals being removed (and a dealership decal) shows it works best on bigger jobs. Truck owners and RV owners really love it. That said, if it’s only a small decal, then probably the heat gun as described in point 3 will work

Using the whizzy wheel to remove a car dealership decal

 3. Heat gun or hair dryer – this method definitely works and I will add 1 caveat. Using this technique really works well on removing new car dealership decals, though not as good on older decals. The reason being, older decals tend to bond to the surface and crack, hence not being easy to peel off. That said, if you watch the below video, it works pretty well


Using a heat gun to remove a car dealership decal


 If you have any questions about removing car dealership decals, please contact me on peter@pacificwebb.com.au. We love to help you out and rid the world of unsightly decals