Today’s Blog is an email (with names removed) of a champ who had to remove Decals from his 53 foot trailer and Cab.

We are looking forward to helping him out as this is a big job but also provides a great opportunity to help out a customer to remove truck decals

Dear Semi Trailer Decal Removalist (not his real name)…

Great pictures you sent through – you have quite the decal job ahead of you. The good news is we can help and I have also provided some information below.

The Whizzy Wheel is definitely the fastest way to remove truck decals, especially big ones like in your truck picture. As they have been on for around 10 years, it will take a bit off effort to get rid of them due to the weather making them also bond to the surface over the years

I’ve included a few points below that may help with your job

  1. Advice to help the job: If there is any adhesive left on the surface after removing the decals, try the following citrus degreaser from Home Depot ( Costs about $12 and really helps clean the surface
  2. Advice to help the job: start on the outside of the decal and work your way in. This way the edges of the decal will come off first and help the job
  3. Paint colour: the paint under the decal maybe slightly brighter and the outside area look faded as the paint work has been protected from the sun. This is referred to a “ghost” appearance as you maybe able to see where the prior decal was, as the paintwork exposed to elements may have slightly faded

There are some other options you might want to try such as:

  1. Hot air gun: this can work, but generally find better suited to new decals (as older ones are more brittle and need to be worn off)
  2. If any of the surfaces aren’t painted or on glass, you can try a metal razor blade in a scraper. Definitely don’t use on painted surface and be very careful of cutting yourself












We also provide a complete 100% money back guarantee to remove any risk when purchasing and also because we are so confident with the results

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I say one wheel will do the front cab, though you probably need a few for the trailer. However, it’s really hard to judge until you test the wheel on the surface as sometimes they come off very easily and others times, especially when older, they take a lot more effort