Okay, so you may have accidentally (or not so accidentally) parked somewhere which has meant you gotten one of those big ugly stickers across your window.

These illegal or not permitted decals and Stickers are specifically designed to be difficult to remove to help deter people from parking in those spots again.

Some people also believe it’s due to humid climates meaning weaker adhesive could potentially be easy to peel off.

The below video was initially taken in New York and we have completed a voice-over that shows different techniques and what worked and didn’t work.

As the Decal is on a glass window, the man could have easily bought a plastic razor blade or metal razor blade that comes with a holder and removed the window decal.

Using light fluid or windex on the decal surface doesn’t usually work. These products are better at removing the actual adhesive not the decal itself.

If money was not an issue for this guy, a tool like the whizzy wheel would have taken off the decal in only a few minutes. However, if you want to save a few bucks and do it with a blade, then I suggest using the below appraoch

How to Remove Your Decal Parking Permit / Illegal parking sticker from your window

We recommend the following steps to remove the parking permit decal from your vehicle’s window.

  1. Wipe down the surface to remove any dirt or grime.
  2. With the straight edge of a razor blade (we recommend a plastic blade as you can not cut yourself), lift one corner of the decal by getting under the lip of the decal.
  3. Slowly move the razor underneath the decal and slowly peel the decal off the window.  (Depending on the type of material used in the decal, it may come off in one go or it will break off into many pieces.  As they type of decals are used as a deterrent, it’s most likely to shear off and hence a bit time consuming.
  4. Once the decal has been removed from the window, wipe the window with citrus degreaser or rubbing alcohol to remove any left over adhesive.  This is also a great way to prepare the glass for application of the new sticker. However, you must ensure all the rubbing alcohol or citrus degreaser is removed, otherwise the decal won’t properly stick to the surface

How to Remove Your Custom BUMPER Decal Parking Permit?

The below was taken from an online blog about removing decals from bumper bars though I don’t fully agree as never seen WD-40 successfully used.

Using WD-40 can also eat into the plastic on a bumper bar if left on for too long, so would strongly suggest taking caution with the below approach

The WD-40 Method

You will need the following:

  1. WD-40
  2. A lint-free cloth
  3. Rubber Gloves
  4. Rubber Spatula

Whenever trying a new technique we recommend trialling in a small discrete area where it won’t be noticed in-case you negatively affect the vehicle’s.

Firstly, make sure you have the gloves on, then spray the WD-40 onto the rag. Next you can rub the edges of the sticker and you will notice it begins to peel.

Carefully peel off a corner of the sticker with your fingers or the rubber spatula. Continue applying WD-40 to the exposed part of the sticker to help ease removal. Do not pull the sticker directly up, instead fold the corner of the sticker against the face of the sticker and slowly peel.

Once the decal has been removed from the window, wipe the window with citrus degreaser or rubbing alcohol to remove any left over adhesive. 

If you know of an interesting story where you or a friend received an illegal parking sticker, please share it with us.

Chief “decal removal” officer

P.S – we even found a facebook page where you can win $50 for the funniest parking permit story

P.P.S – you can check out video’s of the whizzy wheel in action removing decals