Taking a vacation or holiday is a great way to see parts of your country and also meet new people and experience news places and food.

Taking the RV on holiday is very popular in the United States, especially some of the southern states that have warmer weather and some great scenery

People often get intimated when having to remove old decals from a RV. Due to the size of an RV, they can be put off due to the size and nature of the job.

People will often ask me how long will it take to remove the decals off an RV, and today I am providing some guidelines that should help if you need to take off those unslightly Decals

And the video below is just a bit of fun that shows a young lady and man removing the Decals using a plastic razor blade, hair dryer/ heat gun and fingers…. it’s possible but i wish we could have sent her a Whizzy Wheel as the job would have been completed in ½ the day.

Either way, the music in the video makes you want to dance and head off to a tropical island


1. How Long Has the Sticker or Decal Been On the RV?

When decals have been on the surface on an RV for longer than 12 months, they can become harder to remove.

For example if your RV has been out in the Texas sun, then the decal can become bonded to the surface and not matter how much you use your finger nails, the decal won’t come off.

You can try use an heat gun, though we have found with older decals, they can start to crack, which makes it very hard to peel off.

The heat gun works by heating up the vinyl (decal) and that then loosens the adhesive which makes it easier to peel off. If the Decal on the RV is fairly new, then this method can work

From our experience, any decal that is older than a few years that has been out in the sun is very hard to remove with using a tool like the Whizzy Whee

 2. Is the decal using reflective vinyl

Quality adhesive vinyl is removable, provided it’s designed for vehicle appli­ca­tion

However, there is a wide range of vinyls used and cheaper materials may use adhesives never intended for removal, which makes them very hard to take off.

If reflective vinyl was used, then this is a much thicker vinyl and is very hard to get off. I can take up to 2 – 4 times longer to remove reflective vinyl than your standard RV decals.

Without knowing the type of vinyl put on, It’s difficult to find out what materials were used. A smart approach is to test a small section first that is in a discrete area to gauge how long the whole job will take.

3. What Condition Are the Decals?

When you look at the decals on the RV, are they scratched, cut, or damaged?

If they are, you may have the situation where they only come off in parts or strips, rather than in large sections.

What this means, is the job can more time consuming.

Sometimes when people have a large RV with many decals to remove, they notice scratches along the decals half way through the project. This can often be caused by tree branch scratches along the surface.

Unfortunately this can doubled the removal time as the decal does not come off in large pieces.

We recommend you check the RV for any marks or scratches on the decals as this will help determine the time required to complete the task

4. How Much Adhesive Remains After the Decal is Removed?

If the RV decal used a cheap vinyl then it may be much harder and take longer to remove the decal.

We found citrus degreaser the best product to remove adhesive and can be purchased from most Home Depots or Hardware stores for under $10.

It won’t affect the surface, unless it’s used on plastic where we suggest testing it first as have seen examples of the degreaser eating into the plastic.

If you have had some great decal removal success or travelled to some amazing places in your RV, please share it with us.

Chief “decal removal” officer

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