Florida Boat Decal removal tips – our ideas and boat decal removal rvideo footage

Now I am about as sea worthy as a boat with holes in it. I get sea sick just looking at a wharf.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or too about removing boat decals and stickers

I was recently on a boat forum helping answer some questions about removing registration numbers from boats based out of Floria.

Now for the put of answering how best to remove these boat decals, I won’t discuss whether boat registration decals need to be removed before selling. Check out the boat forum for that one.

What I can say is there are 2 types of ways to remove decals from a boat.

If you do need to remove the boat decals, I can recommend either

1. Steel hull – using rubber wheel like the whizzy wheel that easily removes the boat decals (if it’s a fibreglass hull, definitely need to test the surface first)

2. Fibreglass hull – try using a plastic razor blade from ebay http://www.ebay.com/bhp/plastic-razor-blades. However, once the salt water gets on a decal, it makes it much harder to remove

That said, if you watch the below video, the man is using a rubber wheel to remove the decals that appears to be working quite wheel.

In either case, I would always test removing the decal in small test area first to check whether the fibreglass is affected. Most of the time it works fine, though best to check as every surface is different.

I found this boat removal decal video online and did a voice over explaining how the decals removal tool works

We used to sell the same decal removal tool as this (wonder wheel), though now replaced it with the whizzy wheel.

If we can help any boat owners in Florida, or even the in the magnificent USA, please let me know your questions, and I’ll give you my best insights into removing decals from boats (or cars)


Chief “Decal Removal” Officer