The most common question I have been receiving this month is how to get rid of old car dealership decals.

These are usually the old car decal that sits across the back windscreen or back panel of your car with some cheesy tagline such as the best one I saw (and I think it was a joke)

“”Big Dave’s Car Lime Dealership – Our cars are almost as good as lemons”

So putting aside the cheesy car slogans, when you need to get rid of these old car dealership Decals I can suggest three approaches:

  1. Dealership Decal is on the window: it’s a cheap method, though using a metal razor blade (that has a holder) will get rid of most decals. It’s not ideal and you need to be careful as it’s easy to cut your fingers, though it does the job
  2. New Car Dealership Decal (i.e. less than 6 – 12 months old): a hair dryer will usually work in most of the situations and also a cheap alternative. The hair dryer won’t usually work on the older decals as they will be glued/ moulded to the surface after being out in the heat
  3. Whizzy wheel: yes, these work fantastically, though does come with a cost, unlike the options above

To help those people out who want to see how a hair dryer can remove a car decal…

…I have included a video below. I found this on youtube and works really well in this situation.



If you know of an interesting car dealership decal slogan that made you laugh, please share it with us.


Chief “decal removal” officer

P.S – for anyone who lives in Florida or knows someone who has a car dealership in Florida, please let me know if you cars are having a state wide sale on 2nd hand cars in April as we have been getting a lot of enquiries from you guys this April on removing car dealership decals.