Sometimes you get lucky – Removing Ford Pickup Truck Decals.

Now guys, most of the blogs, video’s and emails we share on Decal removal show how difficult and hard the job can be…. partly because this is what it’s like most of the time.

However, sometimes there is a silver lining in the story and you get a feel good truck decal removal story where a Decal comes off so easily, like this example in the below video.

Now you may think we at Decal HQ are a bit whacky showing jobs like these, but we found this youtube video and wanted to share that sometimes you do get Lucky.

In the below video, the guy also applies the wheel to the surface for a few seconds, then is able to remove the rest of the decal on the truck.

My view on this is that the pickup truck decal is almost brand new. This is an assumption and why it came off so easily.

If this is the case, you could probably have used a hair dryer or a plastic razor blade to get under the lip of this decal and easily remove it.


There probably won’t even be any left over adhesive in this case as the decal came off so easily. If there was, you could use some citrus degreaser from your local Home Depot to take off the adhesive or use Eucalyptus oil if like a natural product.

So if anyone else has a decal removal story for their pick up truck, please share it with us and I am presuming it would not have been as easy as the one above.


Chief “decal removal” officer

P.S – we are getting alot of people from texas asking how to remove decals from their pick-up trucks. As of March / April 2014 are there any major events or shows that would be requiring Texans to remove the decals from their Ford trucks?

I don’t know of anything and maybe it’s coming into Autumn and summer months that people want to remove their old decals and make the pick up trucks look nice and clean