This will probably only relate to those boat lovers out there and unfortunately, I am not in that group.

However, I would love to help you boat owners out there remove any decals from your lovely (big or small) boat.

Now without getting into the etiquette of boat naming, as I’ve heard it’s bad luck to rename a boat, there is a need to remove boat decals due to registration changes or removing some of those slightly older 1980’s / 1990’s style decals.

Boat Decals

Boat Decals










I thought this image is very fitting as is part car, part boat and alot of pink, with plenty of decals to remove.

Okay – to be serious for those boat lovers…

You need to be careful removing and boat decals, depending on the surface.

For boats that are:

  1. Aluminium boats: basically you can use any tool to remove decals on this type of boat as there is very little risk in affecting the surface. You could use a whizzy wheel, hair dryer, citrus degreaser, or even a razor blade
  2. Fibreglass boats: you can use the most of the options above (excluding the metal razor blade), though I would be careful as fibreglass can be a sensitive surface. I would recommend, what ever approach you use, to test the surface first to see how the fibreglass or plastic re-acts.


If you know of an interesting boating stories or even big decals that had to removed from boats, please share it with us.

Chief “decal removal” officer

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