(And then they are wondering what’s the best way to remove decals from their vehicles?)


Famous people love showing off their super pricey luxury cars that get alot of attention –.

In today’s society, if the car you purchase is a Bentley, or Lamborghini that is usually the beginning of many modifications to be made to the vehicle to make it look special (or turn more heads).

A famous boxer called Riyadh Al-Azzawi is the latest high profile celebrity to wrap his car and make it stand out from the rest.

And guess what he is using to make his Ferrari stand out ….. GOLD DECALS (also known as a full car wrap)

The boxer owns a Ferrari 458 Spider, shown below on the streets of London, in a spanking new Gold WRAP Decal….. The below tells the story….

I read some comments that people believe the car is made from gold (well gold plating) but it’s actually a particular Gold decal car wrap, that is installed over the total car’s surface.

The car decal, that is a bright gold, cost the owner around $600,000 and the full car decal (vinyl) wrap is expected to another $10,000 to make and install.

Car Wrapped - Ferrari Gold

Car Wrapped - Ferrari Gold









My gut feel is that $10,000 to produce and install the car wrap (even if it’s gold) is a little much, though if you are purchasing a car worth more than half a million dollars, then an spending an extra $10k is like loose change!

“Wrapping” cars is a latest trend that is taking the celeb’s by storm. (the term wrap is now used, rather than decal or stickers) as it gives them more publicity, attention and coverage in the media.

So a car wrap is basically a car decal that covers your whole car and any type of design that you can think of.

In the photo above, the car wrap is to replicate gold, though any other designs can be used as you will see below.

What this means, is, if you are a celeb and what to can change the image of your vehicle before a movie launch or concert, it can be done in less than 24 hours….simply, remove wrap, take off the adhesive and apply a new design.

(maybe if the boxer loses his #1 ranking he may use a silver or bronze style car wrap, rather than the gold)

If the celeb’s need someone with skills to remove these car wraps, then I’ll be the first to put my hand up as the easiest method to remove car wraps/ decals is the old Whizzy Wheel (and if they paid $10k to have them installed, I’m sure they are not short of change to pay from the wrap to be removed)

I’ve compiled a list below of the top celeb’s, the type of car wrap they have and what designs have been used….. and even a few pictures and video tutorials if you want to change the look of your car by applying a wrap or removing your current car wrap or decals/.

  • Rapper Chris Brown.

Now Chris is a famour rapper and has had his Lamborghini warpped in the theme of a world war II fighter plane.

It looks pretty fancy and would have taken a lot of design work

Lamborghini - Car Decal

Lamborghini - Car Decal


Chris did not stop at having his Lambo car wrapped and covered in decals. A Porsche Panamera who also owns has been covered in decals that look like it has been spray painted with graffiti.






  • The new Bad Boy in Town – Justin Bieber

So Justin has grown up (not matured) and has had his fare share of tattoo’s applied and been got street racing.

It appears Justin new love is putting full body decals (wraps on his cars) is another big wrapper (not rapper).

The vehicles that Mr Bieber has wrapped in are a leopard print on an Audi R8 and a black matte finish on his Cadillac’s, Smart Car, Range Rover and Mercedes Benz.

  • Deadmau5 – A DJ from Europe

This is a DJ who loves playing at clubs and put a blue rainbow full body car wrap on his car. And guess what type of car he has…. yes the very popular Ferrari 458. The full car wrap was a dedication to one of the music video’s he made.

  • LeBron James – for you guys who love Big Celeb Car lovers.

So the biggest name in Basketball also loves having decals on his super cars.

For his Italian Super car, he got a decal that matched his shoes. You can tell from the picture that Mr James like the tropical feel.

Lebron James - Full Car Wrap

Lebron James - Full Car Wrap












  • Lapo Elkann – A Car Man with Strong ties in Manufacturing

So this guy is not so famous but when you have a big brother who is the chairman of Fiat it does help.

Apparently he had his Italian Red racing car (yes another Ferrari) wrapped in camouflage colours. (and who said Italy had no armed forces)

Ferrari - Camouflage Car Decals

Ferrari - Camouflage Car Decals









If anyone wants help removing car decal wraps, then please let us know.

If you want some step by step tutorial on how to apply a car wrap, I found this great video on youtube that goes for about 5 minutes.


AS a bonus today, I have included a short summary below of the top benefits to wrap your vehicle, to help with advertisers – it’s similar to what celebrities do to get more attention, is what you can do with your car

1. Gets you attention

If you install large colourful decals on your company cars it will make it stand out from all the other vehicles on the road and give you alot of low cost advertising and exposure.

Great Truck Decals for Advertising

Great Truck Decals for Advertising








2. Increase the reach of your Audience

Even if you only have one or two vehicles in your company, if you drive your vehicle as part of your job, , you will give a big boost to your businesses exposure wrapping your car in your companies logo.

3. No offensive Advertising

With the rise of seach engines, google adwords and social media, interruption advertising (i.e. those annoying ads where they yell on the TV) used in television and radio is on the otter.

Your new customers can easily see your message without distracting them from what they’re doing.

My gut feel is people often respond better to the using wrap advertising on your car, rather than the old school interruption used in TV and Radio

4. It’s Advertising that is Mobile

Ever wanted advertising that goes where you go?

Cars that are wrapped are not restricted to someone who only listens to raido, rather your car wrap advertising goes where your car goes.

This can be great as by going on vacation or sport matches with your kids, means your business gets more advertising and exposure thanks to your cool car wrap.

5. Decals – the added bonus: it will protect your car paint aswell

Big Bonus: if your vehicle is completely covered by decals or a full body car wrap, then the surface will be protected. There won’t be or only minimal damage from rocks or scratches.

It also means the paint won’t fade from the heavy heat of the sun.

This article has been some fun, though the real way we can help is by helping you easily remove car decals and wraps.

Without being bias, we have found using a tool such as the Whizzy Wheel and is the easiest and most effective way to remove car decals.

 It’s a simple as

Simple Step 1 Pull your Whizzy Wheel from its lovely white packaging.

Simple Step 2 Connect the Whizzy Wheel to any household drill with the arbour supplied in the packaging.

Simple Step 3 Press the Whizzy Wheel on any wrap, sticker, decal, or vinyl (up to 50 years old) and make sure the drill is turned on.

Simple Step 4 Be amazed as the car wrap or decal is easily removed.

We always love helping people remove decals, so please let us know how we can help


Chief “Decal Removal” Officer

P.S – we have recently help alot of people in Sydney, New York and even Los Angeles remove car decals recently so regardless of where you are, we love to help