Your vehicle is your pride, but those stickers and decals over it are not looking too good, and you want to get rid of them. Of course there was a time your decals were the talk of the town. But not now – the decals and stickers are looking dull after losing their texture. So you want to give your vehicle a spruced up look by fighting declas.

But after having tried numerous methods to remove car decals and stickers, such as gasoline, soapy water, metal blades, and chemical formulations, you are feeling frustrated as car decal removal is taking too long, draining you of resources and energy. With Whizzy Wheel, you no longer have to struggle with traditional methods of car sticker removal. This easy-to-use tool allows you to remove decals quickly within a few minutes with little effort.

How Does Whizzy Wheel Work?

The easiest and fastest car decal removal tool is made from specially designed soft rubber that makes it safe for use on all surfaces, including on walls, trucks, cars, and floors, among other areas. The Whizzy Wheel works equally great on the hardest of decals that have been baked over for years. However, avoid using the wheel on plastic surfaces.

Compared to other alternatives that would take your entire day to remove decals, Whizzy Wheel does the work within 15-20 minutes, without require any great effort or special skill on your part. What’s more, you do not need any specific tools or chemicals for removing toughest and hardest decals with Whizzy Wheel.

What’s So Great About Whizzy Wheel?


Some decal removal chemicals can ruin the surface and make it look unattractive. Of course you do not want to distort the surface of your favorite vehicle. Fortunately, this is not the case with this wonder wheel, which is an innovation in decal sticker removal technology. Designed for high-speed removal of car decals, vinyl, graphics, and molding tape, Whizzy Wheel can work equally well on

  • painted surfaces, including side panels, car doors and windows, without scratching or damaging urethane paint or acrylic enamel.
  • the back of moldings, removing glue and adhesive tapes
  • glass and OEM painted surfaces to remove pinstripes, decals, reflective tapes, and bumper stickers

Car sticker removal with Whizzy Wheel saves you time, efforts, and energy.

Who is this Product for?

As a fast and time saving method of decal sticker removal, Whizzy Wheel is the best product for use for:

✓  Car Dealerships: If you are a car dealer, you often trade in cars and find decals and stickers on the vehicle.  The sight of decals is unpleasing to you. But worry not, Whizzy Wheel will quickly eliminate the backed-on ugliness from your car and spruce up the vehicle, giving it a new look!

✓  Second-Hand Car owners: If you have purchased a second-hand car, you may want to remove that sticker or decal on the rear window. Get your hands on the Whizzy Wheel and you will never have to worry about those old unsightly decals.

✓  Bodyshops: More often, smash repairers are required to remove car decals before repairing scratches and dents.

Whizzy Wheel is an ultimate car decal removal tool that will whiz away toughest and hardest stickers 25% quicker than other methods. Not only this, it is three times more durable compared to other sticker removal alternatives and lasts longer.

How To Use Whizzy Wheel?

Using this revolutionary tool for car decal removal is simple and takes only a few minutes to remove stickers and decals. All you need to do is

✓  unpack it

✓  attach the wheel with the Arbor

✓  connect it to a drilling machine

✓  turn on the drill

✓  move it back and forth over the decals

And that’s it!

Whizzy Wheel effectively loosens the cellular matter that has been keeping the sticker or decal indefinitely stuck. It can work wonders in removing impossible-to-remove decals, vinyl, and stickers, though it is not recommended for use on plexi-glass, lacquer paints, acrylic, non-OEM finished surfaces, and soft plastic substrates. While other alternatives leave a sticky adhesive substance behind while removing stickers, which looks odd and doubles your efforts, the Wonder Wheel speedily removes majority of the adhesive while leaving no stains/scratches behind.

 Benefits of Using Whizzy Wheel

Decals change the look of a vehicle. But over a period of time, they start to lose their old-world charm, texture, and glamour, requiring you to make efforts to remove them carefully so that you do not end up distorting the surface. With Wizzy Wheel, removing car decals is a breeze. Here are a few benefits of using Wizzy Wheel:

✓  Increased width

When Whizzy Wheel works on the surface, there is more rubber contact, which quickly removes the decal.

✓  New design

Whizzy Wheel is an innovation in the field of car decal removal. The latest design cuts grooves into the circumference, thus reducing heat build-up.

✓  Larger rubber diameter

Compared to the older alternatives, the Whizzy Wheel is bigger and works faster, so you get your money’s worth.

✓  Cooler

Whizzy Wheel effortlessly eliminates most-stuck on stickers at about 4000 RPM, thanks to its flow-more groove technology that allows for easy escape of the heat.

When using power tools, such as Whizzy Wheel, always wear proper protective gear to stay on the safer side. The revolutionary tool works best at 1500 – 3000 rpm. Make sure you apply light pressure and let the wheel do the work. When you begin the sticker or decal removal job, start at the top of the decal and gradually move from one side to another. The best way to use the tool is to utilize the entire width of the wheel, which uses a plastic blade and is designed for smaller surfaces to wipe out decals without affecting the surface.

Discover The Magic of Decal Removal With A Single Flick With Whizzy Wheel

Wonder Products has come up with Whizzy Wheels as the perfect solution for dealing with vinyl signs, decals, and stickers. Whizzy Wheel uses rubber and plastic, which are gentle on the surface and make decal removal a cakewalk. Not only this, being chemical-free this wonder wheel is safe for use on a variety of surfaces and can work on small and larger spaces to remove car decals, stickers or vinyl signs, without gouging, scratching or scuffing the surface.