Now for those readers in the USA or Europe who have not visited Australia before, Perth is located in Western Australia and is known for it’s dry heat.

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This has a big impact on car stickers as the dry heat, means car decals and stickers really get baked onto the car’s surface.

The result is that the car stickers become very hard to remove.

To give you some background, most car stickers can be easily removed if they are on the surface less than 12 months.

The reason being, is that the adhesive that keeps the sticker or decal on the surface, has not had the compound change and can still be easily removed – sometimes even with finger nails (though being a slow process).

The difference is when the heat builds up (over 30 degrees or 100 Fahrenheit such as in Perth or Arizona) for days on end and it actually changes the adhesive structure.

The car sticker become almost bonded to the surface and makes the sticker very hard to remove. Obvious signs of a sticker that has been on the surface for a long time is cracked stickers, or stickers where the edge has slightly moved in,.

If your car has these baked on stickers after being out in the sun, then there is still hope.

Your options to remove this old baked on decals are:

  1. Razor blade: we say NO as old stickers are hard to move and can easily result in the blade slipping and damaging your painted surface
  2. Plastic razor blade: unfortunately it won’t work on these old decals as it’s very difficult to get under the lip/ edge of the sticker to remove it
  3. Heat gun or razor blade: the good news is that this option can work, though takes longer. The reason being is that old stickers usually crack so using a heat gun is slow as this technique uses a peeling approach which works best on new decals
  4. Whizzy Wheel: definitely the best approach for removing old decals and car stickers that have been baked on as it works by wearing way the decal. As the whizzy wheel is made from soft rubber, it can be used on painted car surfaces and not damage the paint.

So if you live in Perth or a hot climate that makes removing stickers from your vehicle harder, then please contact us so we can help

We also recommend using a product like citrus degreaser that is great for removing any left over residue from the surface on your car. Often the older car stickers, leave more adhesive on the surface that can be removed easily by spraying on some citrus degreaser

Note: if you want to re-apply a new sticker on your car, make sure you thoroughly wash your car as the new sticker will not adhere to the surface if there is any degreaser left over.

Before we head off, we always love to hear your questions or comments about the best way to remove sticker and decals, learning about new sticker removal tools or just generally removing the world of unsightly stickers – so feel free to drop us a line at you need assistance



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