Now you can tell when it’s getting warmer in Texas and Florida (and yes both places have lovely weather most of the year), as we always get a big spike in late spring about enquiries on how to remove car stickers and decals.

Now before we gone through the best ways to remove stickers, (as we have over 20+ years of family experience), I am trying to give my reason why there is a spike in decal removal questions. My guesses are:

–  Summer is on the way and people want to make their car, truck, RV, campervan, SUV or 2nd hand car look great – hence need to take off car decals

–  Spike in 2nd hand car sales as people feeling happy that warmer months are on the way. Often 2nd hand cars (from the 1990’s and 1980’s have old car decals, pin stripping down the side of them)

–  Vacation time: families and retirees (using 401K savings) want to make the RV and Campervan look fantastic and hence remove the decals or stickers from the side of the vehicle

–  Hitting the Lake for summer: people taking vacations and want to make the boat look smart so removing old decals – mostly old registration stickers

So regardless if I have guessed the reason you need to take off a decal or sticker…

Below are The Best Approaches, Depending on The Surface and Material

  1. Metal Razor blade: big RED flag. Only use as a last resort for glass surfaces and never on painted surfaces. Yes it’s cheap, but easily scratches the paint work and can cut yourself, making for a messy job
  2. Heat gun or hair dryer: these do work and often a cheap option. From our tests over the years, the hair dryer works on new car stickers (less than a few years old – and only if not baked on from the hot sun). The downside is if the decal is cracked, you can not easily peel it off. The best way is to test it out with your hair dryer. Heat the decal up for a few minutes, then try and slowly peel off the sticker
  3. Citrus degreaser: great at removing adhesive or any left over residue on the surface, though not very useful at actually taking of a sticker. We recommend to use this to clean the surface once the sticker has been removed. Usually a gallon drum is under $15 so it’s fairly well priced
  4. Whizzy Wheel: definitely the fastest way to remove a sticker from any vehicle, though does cost around $39… the upside is it will get the job very fast and is the only solution we have found that works on old baked on decals. Usually people who have tried option above without success, contact us to use the Whizzy Wheel to get off those really hard to remove decals. It’s also used by professionals and car detailers who have large jobs to complete.

(we recently helped out a company who had over 200 cars in their fleet who needed the stickers and decals removed from them and the Whizzy Wheel worked amazingly well)

In summary, if you are looking for a car decal removal tool or a tool to remove car stickers, then the whizzy wheel is by far the best product on the market.

We also love having happy customers, so if you have any questions, please email us at or use the live chat button at the bottom of the screen for an instant response to your decal and sticker removal questions


Chief Decal Removal Officer