This week’s Sticker removal blog is all about understanding your situation and how best to remove stickers. I have outlined a few scenario’s where we can answer your question of “what’s the best sticker removal tool”.


To make it easy we have listed out the scenario’s for people who need help in removing stickers from either a car, truck, RV, window or campervan.

Please yell out “help me remove stickers” if you are in any of the following situations

  • Need to remove an old sticker from your RV before taking a vacation?
  • Want to buy a 2nd hand car from a car dealer and there is an old baked on sticker or decal that needs to be removed before purchase
  • Shop window has old marketing or branding and those stickers need to be removed
  • Your companies brand has changed and need to take off old car advertising stickers from the car and vehicle fleet
  • Bought a delivery van or courier truck with another companies logo and those stickers need to be removed
  • OR if in Malaysia, have a serious problem with sticker graffiti and needs to remove stickers and decals from public street signs, seats and windows
  • Own a race car team (or NASCAR team) and want to change the stickers to the new car advertising sponsors.

OK, now we have determined the different scenario’s you have for removing stickers, let’s look at the best options.


The best sticker removal options, really comes down to the best type of sticker removal tool. I have put it in table format and listed them from most expensive to cheapest, in terms of purchase price, but have not considered the value of your own time*.






Whizzy Wheel Sticker removal tool

$39 +shipping

Fastest way to remove large stickers and decals

Best method for really old baked on stickers

Works on most surfaces (except plastic)



Not good for plastic


Plastic razor blades

$15 – 20 + shipping

Great for small delicate jobs like bicycle helmets

Great for plastic surfaces

Slow and not good for large areas

Citrus degreaser (see Home Depot)


Great at clearing up the surface and removing left over adhesive

Doesn’t actually remove the sticker or decal.


Hair Dryer


Works well on newer decals

Low cost

Doesn’t work well on older decals that have been baked on


The majority of Decals and Stickers, even the really old baked on ones, that first appear hard to remove can easily be taken off with the right tool

If cost is not an issue, then the Whizzy Wheel is definitely the fastest and easiest way to remove stickers.

If cost is high on your agenda, then try a hair dryer or heat gun to take off the sticker, however, it generally only works well on newer stickers, that have been on the surface 12months or less



(*Note: your own time has not been included in the cost of different sticker removal tools as the assumption is that the article is read by people who will remove decals and stickers in their own time and not part of a sticker removal business. If you are a professional car detailer or someone who removes stickers and decals as a professional service, then the Whizzy Wheel is definitely the fastest ways to remove decals)

** Assume you or your partner has a hair dryer or heat gun in the house or garage. Otherwise, they range from $20 – 100